LIFX Colour Bulbs - occasionally “blink”

Does anyone else have LIFX Colour Bulbs that occasionally “blink” for no apparent reason?

It’s really starting to annoy me and I can’t find any reason for it.

I have 7 or 8 of them and have never had that issue,..

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I have a dozen and have never seen that issue. Other crap, but not that one. :grinning:

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It’s weird, doing some googling showed that others have had it with no resolution.

I’ve gotta say, I’m fed up with Lifx bulbs, their colour quality is amazing, everything else is meh or crap!

I wonder what would cause that… Mine have been working quite well. I have had the occasional small issue, but it typically resolves itself quickly.

I had to run mine from an old Wifi N router because they weren’t reliable on my AX mesh system. I’m wondering if the blink is a result of a brief connection issue?

It’s just so random, the bulbs don’t even blink at the same time.

Hmmm - maybe!

I have mine connected to my Eero 6E Pro Mesh. It is possible that they are just not changing connections…?

According to Lifx support (who got me to run a scanning app on my network), their bulbs aren't compatible with any of the advanced features on AC+ routers, especially having 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz on the same SSID. To say I was angry with them is an understatement, especially given how expensive their bulbs are.

That was when I moved them to the old 2.4Ghz Wifi-N router.

Admittedly, this was about a year ago, and I havent tried moving them back due to their painful setup process.

Oh interesting… I don’t understand why companies still sell devices that are only compatible with 2.4Ghz… maybe a cost saving measure?

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Same, it's pretty poor.

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Just to add some extra info, I’m only seeing this occasional “blink” on my 1000lm colour bulbs. The Mini Colour bulbs and “Clean” bulbs don’t seem to have this behaviour.

A lot of 2.4 devices have this issue. The solution I give to every one is simply to make 2 SSID's. One for 2.4 and one for 5. During set up with non 5 compatible devices you will only see the 2.4 ghz ssid.

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The issue is that it defeats the point of many of the smart handoff features that let your phone etc move from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz when the former becomes marginal.

Another option is to run one ssid with both 5 and 2.4 and one with just 2.4 (which I also do but with the addition of wifi 6)

Likely because of that, plus better range, plus the devices not needing the higher bandwidth of 5 Ghz. What ticks me off is non-WiFi devices using the 2.4G range for wireless (PC headsets, wireless mice, sound bars with remote speakers)., but that's another topic.


Yeah I can Setup an additional, separate 2.4Ghz only SSID and I have done that in the past, the issue is that even with the advanced features turned off for that SSID, the LIFX bulbs still had issues.

Although I have tried this since upgrading to the RT6600ax.

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Because they're Lifx... that's the reason.

I've had/have a dozen different brands, models, etc of smart bulbs over the years and Lifx was the ONLY one I've ever had issues with.

I had 3 "Dawn and Dusk" or whatever they're called. All 3 started having individual LEDs inside the bulb die, causing their color to be off and the brightness to drop.

I had a couple of their color bulbs, also total garbage. They blinked. They randomly shut off. They'd turn on randomly (I suspect it was possibly some fraction-of-a-second power bump that literally nothing else in the house even noticed causing it). They turned pink as LEDs inside them died too.

All of them required my phone to be an inch away from the bulb to update firmware for some utterly stupid reason. It's as if their FW update sent the data to the bulb via Bluetooth from my phone rather than just using the WiFi connection they had to the internet.

Probably other stuff I'm failing to remember about these bulbs too.

Hue prices. Good light quality (initially, not after the LEDs started dying, for sure). Worse than dollar store bulb build quality.

Lifx is the only brand I actively recommend against ever buying. Well, and I guess anything bluetooth only... like the "C by GE" or whatever those bulbs were... which I don't even think exist anymore.


Yeah in not surprised, I’m never buy another one of their PoS products again.

I’m going to get some nanoleaf matter bulbs and try those.

I mean, it'd be one thing if I had issues with Lifx like I did AND they were priced like all the other random WiFi junk. But they're not. They're priced like Hue. And Hue is 110% bomb proof rock solid. Were Lifx half the price, I'd probably just 'not recommend' rather than 'actively recommend against'. If you're charging Hue prices you'd better be delivering Hue quality, both in terms of light quality AND build quality.



They are extremely expensive, but the ownership experience is worse than bargain basement.