LIFX Colour Bulbs - occasionally “blink”

They were one of two "utter and total crap with a really shiny UI" that I wasted a bunch of money on back around 2016. Lifx and UniFi. Both are hot garbage with a shiny UI.

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I don’t have any experience with Unifi, but I’m extremely unimpressed with Lifx, they’ve been nothing but trouble.

Gotta love what p!$$es us off nowadays.... My parents were born at the tail end of WW2.... A blinking light would be the least of their worries.... They would likely have just replaced the light with another 60-100W bulb.... :slight_smile:

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It wouldn’t annoy me if these were $5 bulbs, but they are $70 aud bulbs, each!

Tell that to our parents.... What? You paid $70 for a light bulb...!?

I remember having my lamp 'upgraded' with a fancy '3 way' bulb that was bright enough to actually light up my room as a kid. I think it was 75w, 150w, 225w... and I think it was 3000 lumens at full power.

Comparatively, my 99% CRI 4000K full-spectrum grow LEDs are about 210w and put out around 28,000 lumens. Closing in on 10x the light per watt. They get moderately warm during use. Uncomfortable to touch, not hot. But still, there's room for improvement since there's still a bit of wasted heat.

But nothing like the 2% efficiency, 98% of the energy wasted as heat incandescents I used as a kid.


In a largely coal-driven economy, it does feel like we squandered an opportunity by, in our case, exporting so much of our natural resources....

(Admittedly none of this is helping Derek with his LifX problem.,... )

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I know someone who paid thousands for incandescent bulbs. Guy is a complete idiot and bought up like a pallet worth before they stopped being sold. He's completely convinced that LEDs all "make colors weird" and "flicker".

Some crap LEDs from like 2005 had pretty awful CRI, but even cheap ones these days are 90+. A couple extra bucks gets 98 or 99 CRI.

And flicker? GTFO. Yes, they flicker. At a few million times a second. This isn't some 60hz ballast on a fluorescent tube. Unless you're The Flash, you're not watching an LED 'flicker'.

Guy probably spends $1000 a year on wasted power, too.

Sunlight vs a 95 CRI LED. Here's incandescent as a comparison:

Oh yeah, that incandescent bulb totally mimics sunlight loads better than a high CRI LED... uh huh. LOL.


There's your answer @dJOS .... get in touch with @daniel.winks 's mate.... :wink: An expensive but more natural solution....

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For a couple of them yes, the others were $50 each in twin packs.

At the time my requirements were 100% local control, Hubitat support, high CRI and high colour quality. Oh and not Phillips hue.

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Actually, now that I think about it, some of my coloured hue bulbs were probably that kind of money.... So long ago.. :slightly_smiling_face:

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