LIFX bulbs vanish with reboot/OS updates

We just had two version releases and now all of my LIFX bulbs have vanished from the LIFX Integration.

If I wait a couple days they suddenly show up again - well, most of them. The white LIFX I have in a bedroom never returns.

This morning I did a forced reboot to see if I could knock the dust about a bit and here we are again:

Update: waited about ten minutes, went back into the app again (after turning on all the LIFX lights with the LIFX app) and, after two passes thru open app>refresh>done I have five of the six back - but no the bedroom lamp again.

Ok, even odder still: the user app LIFX Master has suddenly discovered the bedroom lamp that the LIFX Integration won't, even though LIFX Integration had the device created previously.

There's literally two devices in Hubitat for the same bulb, one currently working and one not. :man_shrugging:

@bcopeland Any advice?

There must be something preventing the broadcast discovery packets

Something I need to look for?

Have you made any changes in your router/wifi setup?


Have you tried rebooting your router, and then power-cycling the bulb after the router has booted?

I have one bulb that needed this.

I've not rebooted the router completely, I've done numerous WiFi restarts. The odd thing here is that the LIFX Integration doesn't see the bedroom bulb but the user app LIFX Master does.

As far as the five outdoor bulbs, they dropped again when I did the latest update released last evening. I knew to check and reload the LIFX Integration app a few minutes after the hub was back up. All five came back.

Odder still: the bedroom bulb never disappeared from LIFX Master

They use totally different methods of discovery. It sounds like there is a zeroconf/mDNS issue in your network, because the built-in app uses multicast for discovery.

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Not being a networking guy, gonna need some guidance as to what to troubleshoot - and why it's only been an issue since the last round of updates.

Troubleshooting 101: "what changed?"

I'm not a network person either. But without knowing your network setup (modem, router, switches etc), folks over here who are very knowledgeable about networks, like @rlithgow1, won't be able to help you.

All I know is that discovery with the built-in app is multicast dependent. So my best guess is that that multicast isn't working reliably on your network (or being relayed between the wired and wireless segments).

  • Standard AT&T BG210 modem/router.
  • Netgear ProSafe 24 switch.

Lights all show up as expected in 2.4GHz WiFi network.
Lights all have IP allocation assigned to them.

I would look into the configuration of that switch. Also, if it were me, I would reboot the router, wait for it to come up, power-cycle the bulbs, then reboot the switch, and finally reboot the Hubitat.

Alright, so I looked up the manual for ProSafe switches. IGMP Snooping (which messes with multicast) is enabled by default.

So log into your switch, go to "System -> Multicast", and disable IGMP Snooping.

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I've had the switch for a couple years and haven't touched the config even once.

I'll try the router/power-cycle bulbs/reboot switch/reboot Hubitat.

That switch is supposed to "intelligently" decide which ports should get multicast and which ones should not. Clearly that function isn't working correctly. So disable IGMP Snooping.

For details, read the switch manual.

Fair enough - but why would this suddenly be an issue? Nothing has changed with the switch so, logically, it's doing exactly as it did prior to the current situation, no?

Ports in switches malfunction all the time. Just in the last year there have been over a dozen reports here of malfunctioning ethernet ports, sudden failure in cabling, or errors in configuration.

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I would agree with @aaiyar , turn off igmp. Also if enabled turn off jumbo frames. (I do not know if that is enabled. If so, disable). The issue could have even been caused by a firmware update on the bulbs side that makes it more difficult because of IGMP. I would also make sure you're on the latest firmware for the switch.