LIFX Built-in drivers - questions and discussion

Not at this time, it wasn’t built for apps.

Just re-bought 6 LIFX bulbs thanks to this integration. I'm back on the wagon.


Just a heads up - would not recommend buying used LIFX bulbs from Amazon. I got a crazy mix of bulbs. Two of them didn't turn on at all. Additionally, there are apparently 4 generations of LIFX Color, and they have some mismatched colors that LIFX haven't addressed in the firmware. Some of the bulbs state to go down to 1500K, but they looked more like 2700K. Other colors just didn't match at all. I read that it's tough to get 100% gen4 Color bulbs even if you buy them new, so I'm returning the whole batch and exchanging for the Minis - which I believe only has one build.

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@bcopeland any concerns with using the HubitatPublic code as a baseline for Community drivers (with expanded functionality)? Just wanted to double-check -- the code is public, but no "licensing" terms attached.

None at all


Appreciate it -- one issue I'm hitting:

I try to run

String cmd = new hubitat.lifx.commands.SetExtendedColorZones(duration: tt, apply: APPLY_APPLY, zoneIndex: 0, colorsCount: hsbkList.size(), colors: hsbkList).format()

and get this error in the logs:

error groovy.lang.ReadOnlyPropertyException: Cannot set readonly property: duration for class: hubitat.lifx.commands.SetExtendedColorZones

If I remove duration, I likewise get the same exception on apply. Removing both, the packet is generated; but apply defaults to 0 (NO_APPLY), so the changes are not applied to the strip, just cached in the controller. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug in the implementation of this packet?

Found the issue there.. Fix will be in next release..

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Is there any pinging going on to the cloud with these bulbs other than firmware checks?

Firmware checks are done by the lifx app from what I see. The bulbs themselves do not talk outside the network

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I don't want to be a nuisance @bcopeland, but I was wondering if anything is known about my previous questions:
-All zones on Lifx strip changing to color of zone 0 when using "set level" feature to change brightness of entire strip. For me, I would expect "set level" to only affect the brightness of the strip.
-Is there a way to poll and determine if device has gone offline? "Status, link quality, and signal strength" take whatever the value was before it goes offline, therefore making it impossible to know if I have lost connection to it.
-Renaming the device, does not change the name of all the zones for the device (regarding Lifx Strip). I suppose I could remove and re-add the device, but this would break some of the automations I have tied to it.

Experiencing a peculiar issue where any bulbs that are on the same network but different subnet are unable to be found i.e. Hubitat on and bulbs on

Is there a way the app can extend its search across subnets or we can specify which subnet the app should look like the community integration? Thanks in advance.

Not currently. I think that would be a good feature to request …

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Have you tried adding the subnet to the hub's subnet, i.e.


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Leave the parent device 'on'. Then control each zone with the child devices.

I'm sure that can be done, but I use WebCore on my Hubitat and that seems like excessively more amount of work than just being able to control the light level of the parent device, like I was able to with Rob's app. But I recently considered trying this anyways to see if I can make a runway effect with my banister LIFX strips. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm considering adding the Lifx Strip in order to use @bptworld 's Pattern Control for status monitoring. Does the new Lifx Integration handle the device pairing to HE?

Does it also require a Lifx account? (I hate accounts!)

You need to use the LIFX app on your phone to set up any LIFX bulb on your wifi network. After that the new LIFX integration lets you pair to your HE. The integration is entirely local.


I have 49 LIFX Bulbs and I just updated my Hubitat Elevation to the latest version and figured I would give the LIFX Built In App a try. It was able to successfully detect 48 of my bulbs but is not detecting the last bulb. The bulb in question is turned on and configured successfully in the LIFX app. I have tried hitting the refresh button to see if the LIFX app will discover it and the discovery process does not appear to do anything.

I had that happen once, I let the app update the firmware then I factory reset the bulb. Then if you don't have the original apple home kit code (which does make setting up easier) just wait about 20 mins and the bulb will show up as it's own AP. Then use the lifx app to reset the bulb back up (note the serial number). Once it's set back up let the hubitat integration search for it again.

How can I manually add the bulb instead of waiting on the discovery process?