Life360+ Stopped Working

I have been running the Life360+ app successfully for about 6 months. It has accurately detected our presence at home (or not at home) using the apps on our iphones and uses our presence (or non-presence) to adjust thermostat settings. Recently, it has stopped working. At first, it stopped working for just my son's and my iphones, but worked for my wife's. Now, all three of our presences are "At home" whether we are there or not. I tried updating my Hubitat version. Is there a known issue with Life360+? Is there a fix? Any ideas what might be happening? I'm not very good at troubleshooting.

Life360 has started getting pretty aggressive with adding security controls in place that are locking out third party integrations. Probably a good time to find an alternative.


Upgrading my hub to seems to have done the trick. The apps are working again...for now. I expect the agressiveness FiredCheese2006 alludes to above will ramp up with a vengeance. I experienced the same thing with myQ for my garage door opener. It was awesome when I could use Hubitat apps to do neat things with the garage doors and then it stopped working. Greed gets in the way of progress.

@bobbyD also stated that it will no longer be available on the built in app lists soon - maybe already.
Of course if you already have it installed it will stay as an installed app.

For iOS I recommend Locative.

I upgraded to the latest last night and Life360 is no longer in the list of built-in apps.