Life360 Refresh command [SOLVED]

I use Life360 for my presence and it works great most of the time.

However, once every few weeks my arrive is not registered by Hubitat. Life360 sees me as home but Hubitat does not. The only fix is to open Life360 Connector app and then click Done. This will force a "refresh" from Life360 and Hubitat will then see me as home correctly.

I had a similar problem with ST so I used a custom Life360 DTH that had a "Refresh" command to refresh the Life360 data whenever there was a problem.

Where can I find the code for the Life360 DTH that Hubitat uses? I would like to add "Refresh" command to fix this issue.


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I'm experiencing the same thing. Ended up taking Life360 off Hubitat and I use it through ST. Would love to find a refresh solution so I can complete my migration to Hubitat.

Bump! I'm having the same issue as well.

I can look at this, few questions for all of you @jpark , @bowencampbell , @fpstassi
a) How often are you needing to do this?
b) Are you running the integration on both hubs at the same time?

a) Good question. How does the Life360 integration currently detect changes? This morning presence didn't change for my wife or I. When I went into the app in Hubitat and clicked "done" it updated our presence. Perhaps we need to look into what happened that it didn't update. Having to run refresh seems sort of hacky, but what about just exposing a refresh command for the presence devices, that way we can configure a time in rule machine or webcore?

b) I'm not running both, I am only running the Hubitat hub now.

it is hacky, that's why refresh isn't part of the driver.

I ask how often as I'm trying to determine the severity of the issue.

Running the integration on both platforms at the same time will not work as Life 360 doesn't support multiple endpoints for the same account, meaning which ever platform was the last one to "Refresh" will be the one where the updates are sent.

I seem to get out-of-sync (a presences sensor thinks it is/is not at home when the opposite is true) about once a week to 10 days. If I open the HE app and click 'Done' it immediately syncs to the correct indication.
I had removed the ST integration as soon as I enabled it on HE. I do have the Life360 app on my phone, if that counts.

Question not for me but I do have this same issue with both ST and HE. I tried Life360 only at one platform at a time. Find HE is out of sync more often so I moved back to ST and using Webcore for refresh the presence devices. Still not very reliable. I would say refresh once a day is enough to get things in sync and refreshing the presence device is not enough. It needs to be the HE Life360 connector app.

Thats good news!, the integration won't work without that.

Well duh! I guess that is right Captain Obvious :grin:. We do have five presence sensors, four are iPhones (2 6S's, one 7+ and one X) and one is an Android (S8+). One of the 6S's is the cause of about half of the mis-syncs, but all of them have been the cause at some point.

I didn't use Life360 connected to ST, but I have used Life360 for 1+ years. I activated the Hubitat Life360 integration on 05/03, and today, 05/11 it stopped updating.

a) For me it happens every few weeks without any obvious interval.
b) only running on HE. I shutdown ST even before HE was available.

I setup the Life360 connector about a week ago.

This morning I noticed that while Life360 knows my phone left home for about two hours, my presence device in HE thinks I’ve been home since last night.

Going to the Life360 connector app’s settings page and hitting the done button caused the device’s status to update appropriately.

I’m not sure if this is the first time the HE device didn’t sync with Life360 correctly, or it’s just the first time I noticed.

This happened again today.

If we can have a refresh command available then we could use IFTTT or something else to refresh whenever Life360 status changes to fix this problem.

I wonder if the issue may be that newer phones or newer Android versions are causing Life360 app to hibernate prematurely, or pause network updates? My wife's Samsung Galaxy S7 has a very annoying default behavior where it refuses to send WhatsApp messages because it decided that it would buffer the messages for at least an hour just to save a tiny bit of battery life. I had to disable that setting. I forgot what it was called.

Battery optimisation.

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This is definitely not related to the Life360 app on the phone since the Life360 app has no problem updating my location properly on my iPhone X and my wife's Note 8.

The issue is that the Life360 location updates don't always show up on the Hubitat side of things and only way to correct it right now is to open the Life360 Connect app on the Hubitat and click "Done" to force a refresh of Life360 data to fix the incorrect status.

I'm also experiencing this issue randomly, probably about once a week.

Count me in - I've had this happen twice in the last 2 days. One time, my phone was off when I arrived home, not sure if that was the cause though.

Can’t tell if you’re joking?

But just in case. Yes, if your phone was off that’s the reason Life360 didn’t know where your phone was.

I’ve been trying to get my phone to make calls while it’s off too. So far no success, but I will keep everyone posted.