Life360 Multiple Circles


Is there a way to configure multiple circles with the Life360 app? Right now I can pick my main circle, but I am part of a few and would love to pull in presence from those for rules like an inlaw alert.

Virtual Presence Question

I have been trying to figure out how to word this request as well. The Life 360 app works wonderfully, but I would like to be able to setup notifications for other location events as well. As an example, with ST, I setup a notification through life360 and IFTTT to let webcore know when my wife arrived at work. Every time my wife arrives at work, my sonos says “(Wife Name) has arrived safely at work” The Life 360 integration app in hubitat seems to be almost there. It could see my other locations and had me select my home location. It would be awesome of we were able to setup rules in rule machine for location notifications from life 360, and skip IFTTT and Webcore. Feels like it wouldn’t take much since Hubitat can already see the other locations. Would be freaken sweet!


I guess you can request to have multiple Life360 connector apps instead of the default of just one or request for child apps as a circle.


I think there are two different topics here.

Life360 has the concept of "Circles" and "Places". A Circle is a "group of people" like a family group or a group of friends that you want to share your information with. There's always 1 circle but you can add as many as you like.

Then there's the concept of "Places" within Life360. These are like "zones" in other geofence systems. You create a Place by using an address, such as your wife's work address and then when she enters/leaves the "Place" you can then do something (an alert/event/action).

To answer both questions. Currently to my knowledge Hubitat does not support multiples of either. There is only Home/Away for the 1 primary circle.

A feature request could be submitted for the "Places" support. This wouldn't be too horribly difficult (I've implemented for another system). Then you could setup rules for when people are at different places.

The multiple Circles is more difficult. As to get the information you have to provide a CircleID to retrieve the members and places and having a system do this would require multiple "Instances" of the app each tied to a specific CircleID. Alternative would be through the authentication process of getting ALL Circles the authenticating member belongs to and then creating the devices and places for each circle and many of them can/would overlap and duplicate and.... it becomes a mess.


I agree with you. For now, I am able to do what I need with places other than my home by using Life360 and IFTTT. Not ideal but works.


Yes, I'm more interested in supporting multiple Circles at this point. I really just need the ability to install a second copy of the app, as the flow for setting things up is exactly what I'd like to do, just for people in more than one circle.


I would suggest putting in a feature request for "Multiple Circle Support".


how does life360 work? I have installed it but i assumed it will create presence device is this not correct?


You are correct it will create presence devices for users in that circle. Just look for them under device list.


so how do you separate the people? it only allows app


Once you add the Life360 App, and configure it with the necessary data, it should populate a list of users that you can select. Once you select the Life360 users (you need to have Life360 installed on their phones and and have them joined to your circle), and click Done, the app will create the Presence Devices for each user.


ok think I have it now, thanks for all your help :slight_smile:


Yes this! I see the data in the logs already...wondering if this could be done easily? Or if the new mobile app will make this pointless?


What's weird is that Life360 IS sending webhooksEvent for each and every places you have configured.

Home and Work are the 2 places I have defined.
At 9:34AM I was leaving home. At 9:59AM I was arriving at work.


Both are logged in Hubitat.
I don't understand why we only have access to 1 place in Hubitat.


yes please