Life 360 with States as Presence Sensor

Can anybody help, I am using the Life 360 with states as a presence sensor to open the garage on arrival only. What happens is I get the notification on my mobile to say person A has arrived, but the Hubitat app only changes to present about 15 seconds later, which is too long to wait for the garage door to open. I thought I could make the detection zone bigger but this still does not seem to make any difference.
It almost seems like the Life 360 with states app is not checking often enough, just my thought, is there anyway to maybe change this in the app or a way to almost have the Garage door open just as the car arrives.

A lot more information would be needed to give an answer. Logs of the events happening would go a long way too.

What are you using to get the notifications and how are you opening the door?

Life360 with states checks once a minute. That is a limitation of the Life360 service.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will have to get you some logs as I have looked and it has cleared these out already. The notification is the one coming from the Life 360 app on my phone. I use a Sonoff SV modified to open the garage door which is working fine. I wanted to find out how to try and speed this up as our garage is directly off the road, so basically you have to wait in the road until the garage opens or find the remote and use that. I am loving the app at the moment just wish "things happened" faster. Woud you agree that making the "Home" zone bigger should have activated this sooner?

Thank you

Yes and no, While making it bigger would help in most cases, it just depends on where it is in the cycle. It won't activate until it checks again and receives the info that you are home.

My advice would be to add a SmartThings presence sensor to the mix
They have always worked well for me but obviously ymmv
Kept in your car it would alert the hub when it arrived

I have one in each of my cars (converted to run on 2 AA batteries that last 2 years)
Apart from announcing that the car is home and opening the garage you can use it as an additional security for your car - if one of my cars leaves the drive after midnight then the hub alerts us!

There are a few ‘aggregation’ type apps to combine the various presence sensing devices.



Thanks for the suggestion, what I wanted to know is how does the Samsung SmartThings presence sensor connect to the hub. Reason I ask is my garage is about 35M away from my house. I do have a wifi access point int the garage, but I think this works off Zigbee so I dont think this will reach the Hubitat hub.

I was using the Hubitat App as a presence sensor, but did have a false leaving and arrival which triggered my garage at just before midnight and the garage opened, so not ideal as it is far from the house and only saw it the next morning.

The ST sensor is zigbee
I have an xbee in an upstairs window at the front of my house and my cars are usually detected about 100m from the house
Before I had the xbee, I used to use an ST outlet in the same location and it was probably about 30-50m.
They are not that expensive for you to try and see what results you get


I have been reading good thing about this xbee. Can you point me in the direction which one and where to buy. Would like something that is fairly easy to setup.

Thank again for the advice.

It’s a long thread but have a look here:

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