Leviton z-wave dimmer not reporting state (MX1)

It's not obvious how to debug what's going on. I have a Leviton smart MX1 z-wave dimmer that is using the generic z-wave dimmer template. If I control it from my dashboard everything works. However, if I change the state at the dimmer (ie. turn it on or off) it is not reflected on my dashboard. I attempted to enable polling to no avail.

  • deviceType: 6915
  • inClusters: 0x26,0x27,0x2B,0x2C,0x72,0x86,0x91,0x77,0x73
  • zwNodeInfo: D3 9C 00 04 11 04 26 27 2B 2C 72 86 91 77 73 68 23
  • deviceId: 820
  • manufacturer: 29

Welcome to Hubitat. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this a DZMX1? I couldn't find anything else that seemed to match the number you gave. That appears to be an older Zwave device (not Zwave Plus). But I am far from a Leviton expert.

Polling should have done something for a plain Zwave (non-Plus) device. There doesn't appear to be a device specific driver (device type).

I am logging off in a few, but can you post a couple pieces of information for anyone else who might be able to look at this?

  • C7 hub?
  • Did you do today's 2.2.4 hub update?
  • How many Zwave devices do you have, and are there other line-powered or repeating devices in your mesh?
  • A screenshot of this device's settings page.

Also, did you have any trouble pairing this or any other device? Are there any blank IN:OUT clusters on the Zwave settings page?

yes, I'm running 2.2.4
As I said, it is simply not intuitive to me as to how to interface or automate any device. Logging does not show anything coming to the hub.
The Hubitat docs don't provide me enough context to understand the programming model.

Is there a place I can look to find such context? A paper or site that is a good place to start?

How do you read this topology diagram?

I apologize, but I don't know how to find the device firmware version with the HE interface.
I go to the devices and select one of the dimmers. I go to Advanced and assume I need to send some kind of command to inquire about the version number. But I'm at a loss to know what that command might be.

The zwave updater app should show you the current firmware version.

I have a bunch of similar Leviton dimmers. First check what model dimmer you have - there are two which could match. The VRMX1 will send instant status updates back to HE, while the DZMX1 will not (at least I think not).

For the VRMX1, I had to set the driver to "Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave dimmer" to get the instant status working.

thanks, mine are the DZMX1 version - it reports a version 0.7 firmware which may be older and problematic. I am contacting Leviton to see if I can get the later firmware.

Sorry, I have to withdraw my previous post, I got model numbers mixed up. I don't believe there is a firmware upgrade for your dimmer. From what I keep seeing in the community a lot of the Leviton non-plus devices are having issues with the new release. If you weren't having issues before the release, you may want to downgrade and wait for some of the hotfixes to come out.

I also don't think Leviton ever had firmware updates for the non-Plus devices.

I think the story behind the VRMX1/DZMX1 difference is probably that the instant status patent (Lutron) had not yet expired at that time. For the Vizia RF+ line (VRMX1 etc) Leviton were licensing that to support instant status. For the Decora (?) line (DZMX1 etc), they didn't license it, and the lack of instant status is by design rather than a bug. (but - this is guesswork on my part...)

It's a bit annoying. i also have two identical-looking Leviton switches: one is vizia rf and one is decora; one does instant status and the other doesn't. I might have known that long ago when I purchased them but I obviously forgot and it took me ages to figure out why again!

You are going to have a very poor mesh with these few devices. Zwave likes to have many devices to give a strong mesh. I am making this number up, but it seems like "critical mass" on Zwave is about a dozen or so devices depending upon things like how big your house is, how far apart devices are, and so on. So that is issue 1, and likely a lot of your trouble.

From there, lots of the old Zwave stuff does not report instant status. You have to poll. But that has downsides like using a lot of hub memory. If you have a cloud server with infinite resources, this might appear seamless. But on a local hub, can be problematic IF you are trying to poll many of these. With just a couple or handful, you might be OK, but use polling sparingly as you can. Many people just replace these or move them to a closet or somewhere not important because the newer stuff is just completely better in every way.

I would start by adding some more devices and see if that improves your mesh enough to make polling work. Even one inexpensive repeater or plug outlet can work wonders, but a couple of them would be better yet. GE/Jasco has some on sale now, see below. There are other similar examples that aren't that expensive.

If your wallet is too heavy and you want to make it lighter, buy some new switches and put the old ones into the "drawer of shame".


Thanks you pointed me right to it - Bryan's explanation was great and indeed this is a useful tool.

Makes sense now. Thanks!