Leviton WiFi device support?

Ok I ordered my hub last night. I am planning to connect Google Assistant/Home to Hubitat. Wouldn’t it create a loop of sorts to say “Hey google turn off the...” if a relay is used that is pointing hubitat back to GA? Wouldn’t I end up with two devices in GA?

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Welcome. Congratulations on a wise purchase.

No, Google Assistant Relay sends commands silently using text to speech. I used to use it for TTS announcements, but Google changed something so that it always says “Broadcast from” and then the user name, and then the announcement and you can’t shut it off. So I no longer use it for spoken TTS, and besides, we have built-in chromecast integration that can do TTS announcements and play music files, or many other community apps and drivers that can accomplish spoken TTS.

What makes Google Assistant Relay unique is @ogiewon, the author of the Google Assistant Relay driver for Hubitat, added the ability to prefix a TTS announcement with either [CC], which silently sends whatever you type to Google Assistant and doesn’t give any feedback, or [CCC] which silently sends whatever you type to Google Assistant, but then gives the verbal response that Google would normally give if you spoke to Google Assistant.

So for example, in Hubitat Rule Machine, you choose something that happens to make a rule either true or false, and the action for true is speak [CC] HeyGoogle, turn ON my IHome switch, or something like that. The action for false could be [CC] HeyGoogle, turn OFF my IHome switch

Just an example It could also just be a Rule Machine trigger that would just do one action, based on something happening, or it could be a different action for true versus false based on a condition at the time of the trigger, etc. that’s all more about how Rule Machine works though.

The point is, it’s easy with Google Assistant Relay to silently control anything Google Assistant supports, directly from Hubitat, by using any kind of input that Hubitat supports. You’re going to love Hubitat. You can create just about anything for your automated home, that you were either blocked or limited in someway on another platform.


Very cool! I am looking forward to to all the options and the option to relay commands to Google Assistant without her echoing back sounds very cool.

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Yeah, I'd be willing to run a service. I'd likely figure out how to run it on my NAS, but I can VM a *nix onto it if it is too hard to get running on FreeBSD. I've got half a dozen of them I just uninstalled for Caseta...which is the bomb btw...that I'd use as switches in the 'back' of the house if it was possible (storage areas, etc.)

Cool. Let me take care of a couple other community projects before building a bridge. I'll see if I can find a cheap switch to test it out with, too, since all my levitons are z-wave/hacked Zigbee.

PM me your address and I'll donate one to you for your trouble!

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There are many reports of hackers getting into Ring devices and jack with the home users and their kids. If they can get into Ring they can get into my dead-bolt and unlock my house. That is why I moved to Hubitat.


It’s not “hacking” when someone reuses a username and password across multiple accounts that’s already been compromised from an old data breach on an unrelated service (which could have occurred several years ago).

That’s user error, an extremely poor security practice, and if someone did that with their hubitat portal account info, then their hubitat hub would be subject to the same kind of “hack.”

I assume most of these “hackers” are just very bored, antisocial d :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: bags with no real knowledge/skills other than perhaps some google fu.


Did anyone ever get a Leviton driver for Hubitat working? If not I might take a stab at it myself, but don't want to reinvent the wheel if it already exists.

I've got a couple of switches I wanted to include in rules linked up via IFTT but they can be a bit slow to respond sometimes so having a direct connection that bypasses IFTTT would be ideal

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Nope. But if/when you get one written or need any help, let me know! :slight_smile: I never ended up getting one of these.

I suspect that the Leviton DW4BC also is a cloud-only device or one that would require an intercepting local server? This looks like it could be a nice single gang scene controller though it's still a bit pricey. "Hidden" indicator LEDs under each button would be a nice way to communicate feedback especially if those LEDs had color capabilities.


Poke? Has anybody made any progress on this?

I'm looking to switch from SmartThings to Hubitat, but the lack of Leviton WiFi support on Hubitat is a blocker for me.


Wondering about this as well. It's really a hindrance to switching over from SmartThings. I know there are workarounds, but they put yet another party in the mix.

Doubtful, since no one has really been posting in this thread.

But you could always post in the feature request subcategory. With more ST users considering HE with the impending ST IDE changes, the staff here might consider adding a built-in driver if there’s sufficient interest and it’s feasible to do.

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I shared a driver for these in the Feature Requests post (good suggestion that helped it get more attention, @marktheknife).

Since I don't have the hardware to test with, I called it an open beta and would appreciate testing and feedback. Here's the post: Leviton wifi switches & dimmers


I'm trying to set up my friend's system and I'm getting a weird "Forbidden" error when trying to log in. Have you ever seen this before?

The weird part is that his hub is connected to my network right now, my own hub works fine, and when I go to the URL manually I get a 401 unauthorized, not a 403 forbidden.

[dev:17]( 07:08:46.145 pm [debug]( failed

[dev:17]( 07:08:46.142 pm [debug] ( failed: Forbidden

[dev:17]( 07:08:46.139 pm [debug]( failed: Forbidden

[dev:17]( 07:08:44.990 pm [debug]([uri:https://my.leviton.com/api/Person/login, body:[email:********, password:*******, clientId:levdb-echo-proto, registeredVia:myLeviton], contentType:application/json])

I haven't seen that, but my testing has been pretty limited.

Here's a wild guess- maybe their systems don't like two different logins coming from the same remote host. You could try executing the lev_logout() function on yours before you try his. They are separate/different logins, I assume?

They are.

I already sent him back to his house with his hub, and I can't get his network to find it for some reason. It's registered to his portal account with the IP address it got on my network, but for some reason it won't show up on his network.

FYI - that "forbidden" error happens when the Leviton account needs a password reset. Maybe consider putting that message in the logs if you get a 403?

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