Leviton VRPA1 moving from wink

Hello there, i just got hubitat yesterday. i am moving from wink. i searched this site for the the levtiton part in question but couldn't find an answer. the device paired to hubitat after being factory reset and excluded from wink. but after the first time i toggled it on and off to test it never responded again. just sits there. i dont even see anything in the logs for it. any tips how i might get this working? i dont see it listed as officially supported. so do i just need to replace?


Others have reported this works with Hubitat. It is listed on this page. I believe this is sometimes called the Leviton Appliance Module if I was googling correctly.

Is this the only Zwave device you have added so far? You may need to add some other devices to strengthen your Zwave mesh.

What driver did it pair with? Look at this device in the Device tab, it will list the driver part way down the page.

Are you trying to control this from a dashboard, or the Device tab?

Edit: @aaiyar it looks like you were using some of these and brought them from Wink by your post history?

Hey Thank you, for the reply. but i excluded and re-added it and now it seems to work so ill keep an eye on it. i have a GE switch downstairs doing the same thing. must be from moving to wink. ill try the same on it.

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After you add a few (maybe 5-10) devices, give the hub maybe 30 minutes to settle down, then do a Zwave repair. Let that run, you can watch the logs to see what is happening if you wish.

  • Settings tab
  • Zwave Details
  • Repair Zwave

You will want to repeat this for every group of Zwave you add, or if you just add a single device later on.

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I will do so. thank you. im sure adding all these things is causing some delays .

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