Leviton smart switch isn't changing the state in the device

I have a lot of Lutron zwave smart switches and one of them isn't changing the state in the HE device screen. All the others just like it work fine and states change on/off as the on/off buttons are clicked in the device screen or physically.

This one does actually turn on/off via HE rules and when clicking on/off buttons on its device page.

But its showing in the logs it hasn't had any activity for 9 days and is kicking off the daily inactivity report now. When it turns on/off either physically or by rules or by the device screen buttons the state displayed on its device page never changes and doesn't show any new activity.

Is there a trick to get this working without doing something like an exclude/reinclude and resetting it? Don't want to have to redo a bunch of rules.

You could try cutting power to the switch and then powering it back up again.

Which model switch is this? Lutron doesnโ€™t make z-wave devices AFAIK.


True - I assumed that @ILauder meant Leviton. If it is indeed Lutron, then my suggestion is irrelevant.


I'm going to assume you mean Leviton not Lutron. Are these z-wave plus or just z-wave? (Is it an older model than the others?) You could try z-wave poller and see if that works, if not I don't see any other way but to remove and reinclude it.

Yea, my bad. Its a Leviton. Its possible its an older one. I just did a 2nd round of home upgrades using the same Leviton switches I usually got from Home Depot, I'd probably have to pull out the switch to see the model #. This one that is acting up now is from longer ago when I probably got my first or 2nd Wink hub, so that could have been a couple/few years ago.

Some Leviton Z-Wave switches just need a firmware upgrade to get them to report their status back to the hub correctly.

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see if z-wave poller solves your problem

Thanks all, I'll check into how to upgrade its firmware and the polling.

EDIT: Using the HE firmware update app, if I select one of the new Leviton switches just to test, it gives me a 2nd drop down with a firmware version #. If I select the problem Leviton switch it gives me an error 'Device did not respond to firmware metadata request'

I think this is the firmware for your switch Link | Leviton Filetransfer

How long does it take for the polling to check the switch? I changed it to a "Generic ZWave Switch" and installed the polling app and added this switch to it. Then used the HE app device screen to turn it on/off a few times and left it off. Its been about 5 minutes, the state never changed and the last activity time hasn't updated.

That should be set in the polling app

There isn't any option I'm seeing in the HE's ZWave Polling app. There is just the drop downs for the switches and 2 buttons to stop polling and the enable logging option. And the documentation page doesn't say anything about polling times.

Someone else may have to chime in on it. That said, you can also try the firmware link I posted above

Thanks, I got the firmware link. I need to figure out how to get the firmware applied to that switch next.

Honestly, another reason I only use Lutron switches. They just work. I have ones that are 8 years old and ones that are 2 mos old and they never fail. Innovelli is a close second.


This may be one of the first in-wall devices I've had a failure with since I started doing my home automation back with the original 1st gen Wink hub. And the switch is functioning for what its supposed to do. And its a bathroom switch so pretty obvious if it stops working so I could just "solve" the problem by just removing it from the device inactivity reporting app and call that good enough for now.

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If you do start replacing though, as they go order the innovelli if you want to stay with z-wave. Easier to firmware update and quality product. Seem GE/Jasco tend to be the worst (or at least older ones were so bad they extended the warranty because everyone's kept burning out)

Thanks. I did have a GE combined smart switch/motion sensor awhile back and that really didn't work too well, it didn't burn out but it was much easier to setup a separate switch and motion sensor.

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With Hubitat, or some other platform? While I donโ€™t have any of these, I know there are community members with a houseful of them.