Leviton smart switch isn't changing the state in the device

I originally was using one on Wink then moved it to HE. I had some convoluted logic in how I had to trigger another light switch for some overhead track lighting when that switch turned on because I couldn't get it working with treating at an independent motion sensor vs switch and since I added a wired Aeotec motion sensor to pick up motion better in that room to keep the lights from turning on/off all the time when the GE motion sensor was turning off or not detecting motion my wife was getting pissed off having the lights turning on/off while she was now using it as her home office now. TLDR - it was easier to just replace it with a switch and use the Aeotec motion sensor and trigger both the switch and overhead light switch from the Aeotec.

Wiring the Aeotec Multisensor 6 to USB power makes them much more responsive. I learned that trick in my bathrooms using the humidity sensor to turn on/off the fans. On battery power the response times are so long they were almost useless. I'd be filling the bathroom with steam and almost done before they kicked on, and there were long delays before lights would turn on and I usually had to manually turn the lights on. Once on USB power the response time is almost immediate for the lights and temp and humidity checking.

The older Leviton switches, dz15s, we're made before you were allowed to report your switch state so they got around the issue by sending out a hail message.

I don't believe they ever fixed that.

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