Leviton DZ15S Sometimes does or does not work

I am getting very frustrated, I have outside lights I have that have a simple function to come on at dusk and off at dawn. Sometimes they come on and sometimes they don't go off . I am not technical or a programer. In our old house we had GE Zwave and the hub was Miracasa though the airing was sometimes a challenge once paired it was very simple to create scenes. The Smart House tech suggested we use Habitat and the electrician installed Leviton an I have been struggling with both since as I am not sure which s the problem. Can anyone please advice me.

It sounds like a signal issue. Can you post your z-wave details page? @bobbyD can you change their permission to allow that?

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Welcome aboard! I updated your account so you can post screenshots. If I may suggest, please take a look at the following documents that may give you an idea of the type of details you may need to provide so we can help you troubleshoot the problems you are experiencing:



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Leviton DZ15S

These seem to be problematic for many people. There have been firmware updates that sometimes seems to help. I think the latest firmware is 1.2.

You don't need the Z-stick nor Homeseer that they mention here, just the firmware file on that page. I think I had to extract the ZIP file to see the individual firmware. https://hubconnecteddecorasmart.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4407521680155-Can-Leviton-Z-Wave-Products-Firmware-Be-Updated-

You upload that particular firmware, and use the built-in firmware updater (Assuming Hubitat C7). Device Firmware Updater - Hubitat Documentation There is a community based firmware updater for the C5.

And just because, I will say there is always a risk to updating firmware. Please use at your own discretion. That being said, I have never "bricked" a Z-wave device yet. Also, I don't own this particular device, so I can't be more specific if the firmware made a difference.


FWIW, I have north of a hundred of these, and they work well for me. The only minor annoyance I have is the use of Hail, which is a remnant of an old patent issue. Your mileage may vary.

The latest firmware (that I know of) for the DZ15S is 1.23. Note that the built-in firmware updater is not currently able to update Leviton devices. You will need to use a Z-Wave stick to perform the update.


Is this a firmware updater app issue, or the firmware itself?

As far as I know, it's the updater. It signals the first block and then just stops. The update works fine with a stick and PC Controller joined as a secondary controller.

Something for @bcopeland to look at in his copious spare time... :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, I have ordered the Homeseer ZFlash Zwave firmware update kit and the Aeotec Zstick Gen5 Zwave plus USB to create Gateway. My question if where do these plug into "my Hubitat or my Laptop. As I have already mentioned I am not technical I will most likely require further assistance once I receive the product.

You don't need that. There is free software available from Zwave, called Simplicity Studio.

You could use this Zooz for less than half the price of that stick. Zooz USB 700 Series Z-Wave Plus S2 Stick ZST10 700 - The Smartest House


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I could not find a free download called Simplicity Studio do have a link I can use?

This outlines most of the process. It is written specifically to remove ghosts from Zwave, but the main steps are all the same as far as using a Z-stick, the software setup, and so on. (Thanks @danabw )

You would stop at step 13, and go back to the main menu to do an OTA firmware update.


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They both have a learning curve to use. Z-Flash from Homeseer is not very well designed, but it does work. It looks like a WinXP era application and isn't always intuitive. I bought a copy paired with their Homeseer USB stick and used it a few times to update firmware on devices. Z-Flash does come with firmware images for both Homeseer devices and some of the Leviton devices. You can supply your own firmware images as well.

PC Controller from SiLabs (part of Simpllicity Studio) I use exclusively (with the same Homeseer USB stick) but it has a learning curve as well. I would recommend following a youtube guide or the walkthru that @neonturbo linked above as its one of these apps that has every button/feature available at all times, you have to know when to use each function and why.


There is one advantage to Simplicity Studio. The Z-stick can be paired to Hubitat as a secondary controller and be used to flash firmware on the desired devices. So the devices don't have to be unpaired from Hubitat, flashed, and then re-paired.

I thought that could not be done with Z-Flash, but it has been a long time since I looked into it.

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I'm pretty sure I did add the USB stick as a secondary controller to ST using Z-Flash successfully.

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