Leviton dimmers not updating status

I have two Leviton dimmers that aren't updating status in the app (they have an hourglass in the dashboard). Is there a way to fix this without excluding/including the device? If I need to delete the device is there an easy way to add back all of the automations associated with the device?

I constantly have this problem with my Leviton dimmers. Removing/Restoring power seems to get them to report normal for a while, but eventually, they'll go back to their old ways. I'll be replacing the few I have in the next few months.

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What model of Leviton dimmer? Is the firmware up to date? What driver are you using?

If they are DZ6HDs, I suggest this post.


Thankfully I have only ever purchased one Leviton zwave switch. I had it replaced once before they offered FW updates. Now the replacement has been replaced again with a zooz switch and the Leviton is on my shell.

Side note: I am very happy with my Leviton zigbee plug-in dimmer.

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Iā€™ve had good experience with mine. I have ~100 of them.

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I did the firmware update on both of mine a while ago (I think it was your post that lead me to it). One started reporting more accurately, the other, still shows on all the time.

Are you using the "Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer" driver? And does it report correctly if you refresh it? Are you able to command it?

Yes, using generic driver. Refreshing doesn't update the status, but I can control it on and off.

That suggests a driver that doesn't support hail, such as the "Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer" driver or the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Dimmer" driver.