Leviton Dimmer painfully slow on hubitat?

I am having issues with my hubitat hub working with my Leviton Dimmer Light Switches z-wave plus (DZ6HD). I have over 30+ of these leviton dimmer switches throughout my house - they are currently connected to my wink hub. As wink is started a subscription service, I would like to move all my dimmers over to my hubitat hub.

So... I currently connected just 1 of these leviton dimmer switches to my hubitat hub (this is the closest dimmer - about 10 feet away). I can switch this light on and dim it but its painfully slow to turn it back off or do anything after that. I just cant believe how slow it responds. Something has to be wrong.

Also I made sure this Leviton DZ6HD is the latest firmware of 1.20 - its actually a brand new switch so it should be ok i would think.

Please help... I really want to love this hubitat but what am i doing wrong that the dimmer is so slow to respond if it responds at all?

Could the problem be that I only have 1 light switch connected to the hubitat (even if this is very very close to the hub - 10 ft away)?
Or is there something wrong with my hubitat hub? I have updated it to the latest firmware (just did this today before I started with all this).

Yes. The more the better up to a certain point.

This might shed some light on things. No pun intended.

I suggest checking the following status before pairing any more. Under settings and zwave details.
In the upper right hand corner of the screen, is this what you see?
If not. I suggest unpairing the switch and changing that setting.

Also, yes. It could very well be that there is so little paired to your environment right now. Typically zwave likes 3 good paths to the hub, so repeating is non-existent for you right now. Try and connect a few other devices, but remember that it's beneficial to have devices close to the hub and work out. If that is not ideal in your environment, then a repeater of some sort would be beneficial. Ideally a plug or something portable that supports beaming and is a plus device. IMHO

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Thank you for the response.

Yes I see exactly what your screenshot shows - that my locks/garage doors are "enabled"

And ok so I will add a few more switches also very close and hopefully that will help. Or else then get a repeater.

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One other quick question, what driver (device type) did you use, or which one did the hub pick? I don't know what works best, but sometimes switching the driver helps if there was a poor match and it is sending bad commands.

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Good deal. That secured pairing gets a LOT of people. Zwave is a picky little nut in Hubitat, IMHO. I've had really good luck adding repeaters to my environment. I've recently learned why they work so well and what beaming does in the environment. Move forward and remember to perform a z-wave repair. It may take a bit for things to settle. If your environment is in infancy, then repeaters will definitely help. Just don't forget that Rome wasn't built in a day.

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This. You need to check this too. Definitely

Hello! I am looking for some guidance with the same dimmer issue. While testing the generic driver versus the Leviton Driver.....one of my dimmers is currently "stuck" at only brightening to 10%. This happens when I turn it on within Hubitat or at the dimmer itself. Any guidance on how to correct this?

I think maybe the max brightness level is set to 10% instead of the min brightness level.
You might try changing that parameter. If that does not work, you can perform a factory reset and then include the device again.