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Hi all,

Just got the Hubitat and am migrating from Wink. Anyway, I removed all my devices from Wink prior to trying to commence installation on Hubitat.

I have a very small set of products I am automating:

1 - Leviton Dimmer with Z-Wave Technology (DZ6HD)
1 - Leviton Switch with Z Wave Technology(DZ15S)
4 - Osram Lightify Tunable White Bulbs (Zigbee I believe)
1 - Lutron Connected Bulb Remote Control (I understand I may need a Lutron bridge for this)

So I started off factory resetting the Leviton Dimmer and then using discover devices...I cannot get anything to show up on Z-Wave inclusion/exclusion. I believe I am following the Hubitat and Leviton instructions correctly.

COULD IT BE - that this first dimmer I tried to add is too far from the Hubitat? It is about 30 feet but the Hubitat is inside of a piece of furniture and has a wall to go through. Could it be that the switch is out of range? This was not a problem with Wink.

If it is out of range, I will buy a repeater but don't want to spend the money if I don't have to.


I can't say that it is, because we would never know, but I bet that adding a repeater to increase the range will remedy the issue. First, You could try a generic exclude with your HE hub just to make sure that the disconnect was clean with Wink. It may say in the logs that an unknown device was excluded. BINGO! Then try it. If you don't get that, then maybe the repeater route.

Also make sure that your secured pairing is set to locks only ( can't remember the exact wording, but there are only two choices. You'll figure it out). THAT will cause issue if it's for everything. You can find that in the upper right hand corner of the zwave information page.

Turn off your wink hub if everything is off of it.
Also, your osrams tend to like the higher zigbee channels. Should run ok on 20 which is the default.


FYI - this is a zigbee product that will not work with Hubitat. It won't connect to any Lutron bridge either.


Also, note that while your Lutron Connected Bulb Remote won't work, Pico remotes are very similar and will work if you have the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro (the "Pro" part is the key here--or any higher-end system like RA2 if you choose). They're pretty cheap. Some people will, for reasons that I've never understood, pay high prices for second-hand LCBRs (it used to be the easiest way to reset a Hue bulb, or it works with Wink, I guess? neither should really be a big draw anymore...), so you might be able to recoup some of the cost by selling them. :slight_smile: (If you don't want to but still want to squeeze some functionality out of them: you might be able to get them paired to Hubitat's network, not as a device, and then Touch Link them to Zigbee devices for hubless control, but I'm not sure if anyone has tried.)

And be warned if you have the older Osram bulbs. Many Zigbee bulbs, those in particular, are known to be bad repeaters and could mess up your Zigbee mesh. If that's an exhaustive list of your devices, then you don't have any other Zigbee devices that would pair to Hubitat, so it won't matter, but if you ever start adding more (motion sensors, door sensors, etc., assuming they aren't Z-Wave), then it's good to keep in mind. The end of this document summarizes the issues, which you can also find in several forum posts here and elsewhere: How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh - Hubitat Documentation


Be sure the Wink is turned off while doing this. The signal from it will drown out the Hubitat.

Alternatively, add the Wink hub as a Zwave repeater, this will help your signal strengths. There are instructions elsewhere on this board if you want to try that. This requires a full factory reset of the Wink, so this comes with some negatives.


I've read a couple of warnings about using wink as a repeater, so please search it out before you do it as others have advised against it. I don't own a wink, so I'm only relaying what I've read about it.


You are correct, there are some perils to using it. That other long thread explains it much better.


Thanks for all your help guys. My extender came in today and was able to get all my devices (minus my Lutron Connected Bulb Remote Control) connected.

It looks like the distance was the issue. Now on to figuring out how to automate my lights.

Is there an alternate product that doesn't require the bridge? I would like a remote that can switch between "scenes"/"modes" with a minimum of 3 or 4 buttons. I realize I can use my phone, but I want it for guests and "phone free" use.

Like a button controller?

Look at the RGBGenie. It is Zigbee, and supported by Hubitat. They have fancier, ones, but this closest emulates the CBR. Otherwise, the Lutron Bridge and Pico is a great way to go, if you have lots of Picos. At about 10 Pico, the Bridge has paid for itself over the costs for other more expensive devices.

Depending on how many remotes you are looking to get, it may be a wash or even start to get cheaper to get a Lutron Pro 2 hub and Picos (which are very flexible)

This works too:

as does this:

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