Let's talk 3D printers!

I started off with Cura but abandoned it after about 6 months. It’s just a horrible mess to use and most of the time it’s miles behind the other slicers for modern features.

PS is pretty great, but I recently switched to Orca Slicer which I like even more and find even easier to work with.

I used Cura for 2.5 years.

Had dabbled with PS before, but found the interface differences too different and I was set in my ways.
When one of the Cura 5.x updates wiped out all my profiles, I bit the bullet and switch to PS.
Now I've got PS and Orca set up and happy with both, although I find Orca to be a bit heavy on my system. It's got some really cool features in it.

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That's my problem with Orca.

I'll be honest, it was a struggle for me too - luckily Michael from TT came to the rescue.

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So, in my quest for more speed and higher accelerations, I ran into an issue with my linear bearings starting to slide on the rails. This is bad for the bearings and makes a noise worse that nails on a chalkboard! :scream:

At first I thought I’d over lubricated the bearings, and this turned out to be correct, but probably only small part of the issue, as I’d used SuperLube grease which contains PTFE.

Anyway, I decided to read some documentation from Hiwin along with some industrial forums discussing linear bearing lubrication. And the info was quite interesting.

It turns out that using any grease with PTFE in it is a bad idea, as it causes the bearings to slide at high speed instead of roll.

The recommendations I found were almost entirely for Lucas Oils LUS-10533 White Lithium Grease or any other NLGI #2 spec grease that doesn’t contain PTFE.

After reading through a stack of grease data sheets, I how know why the Lucas Oils product is almost universally recommended, most other White Lithium Grease products contain PTFE.

As a result I’ve ordered some, and will very throughly clean my linear rails and carriages before re-lubricating them.



I use Superlube Grease on my linear rods & bearings.

I also have Superlube synthetic oil, but that also contains PTFE.
I've noticed that laying a strip of oil down helps quiet things a bit, but the bearings still make some noise.

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I started to run into issues at accelerations of 7k+ and actual speeds of 280mm/s.

I can’t imagine many ppl have printers that can reach those limits. I’m running 2.5 amp high power stepper motors with TMC5160 drivers. So if I fix my rails, I should be able to go up to 20k acceleration and 500mm/s speeds. :rofl:

Good call. I swear by it.

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Nice, I'm glad to hear others have had good results with it.:+1:

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