Leeo — Possible service shutdown

Just got a very sad email from Leeo Smart Alert:


Sounds like if they don’t find a buyer, they’ll close up shop. I’ve contacted them in the past regarding a local API, but they said it wasn’t something they were willing to talk about.

If they do shut down, Leeo users will be stuck with a fancy wall light. Another reason to despise cloud-only solutions...

I’ve asked if they’d be willing to reconsider and possibly go the Iris route upon shutdown—share sources, documentation, etc... but haven’t heard back yet.

It’s too bad, because despite being cloud-only, it was 100% reliable, and let me know when someone burnt food in our house :sweat_smile:


Ahhhhh, I have 2 and love them as a backup to my Halos.
I had a thought last month when I saw the price of Leeo skyrocket, like 60 bucks and thought , hmmm either getting more popular or going down...
It was the latter. :frowning:
Considering the HA market and their very limited functionality, it's not very surprising.
I really hope they release, it would be the right thing to do.
I too hate cloud solutions.
WAIT it's Up to 200 dollars on amazon !

Why is the price so high when they are shutting down?

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If we all buy one at that price, maybe we can save their business :crazy_face:

I think Wyze cam has a lot of the same features built-in. I’m probably just going to find some z-wave smoke/co detectors and use those in conjunction with wyze.

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I too will miss them! I believe the last nail in their coffin was the FREE Alexa Guard which also listens for smoke and gas alarms but also listens for glass breakage. I have one Leeo and its been rock solid, sorry to see it go.

I've done some tinkering with the device in the past and found that there are test pins for a USB otg header under the sticker on the rear of the device. The device can be fully powered via the USB header, and will talk to a USB serial device and present a Linux console, however if yet to discover the root password, and the bootloader doesn't seem to respond to the USB serial device. I thought about trying a USB Ethernet device to see if the bootloader will recognize that and possibly present a console over Ethernet or allow me to pxeboot a custom image. Thanks device runs Debian Linux on arm, so it's likely that if we could get logged in, we could make use of the hardware without cloud services.

After I got the email, I opened a support request asking if they would consider releasing the root password or otherwise making the device usable by the opensource community.

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Sometimes the root password is the last 6 MAC digits.


did not try that one. Thanks for the suggestion.


Let us know if you find anything :slight_smile: I may be able to take a stab at it in a few weeks, If we don’t get it by then.

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Any luck? I’m new to tinkering with hardware - any tips on how I can connect the test pins to USB so I can try this myself?

sorry, I've been busy with other projects and haven't gotten back to this.

if I remember correctly, if you crack it open, the pads are actually labelled, but you can't see it just from peeling the sticker off.

once connected to standard USB pinout, it seems that the device really wants to behave as an OTG host device. I never had any luck with any hosts detecting it as any sort of slave device, but when I connected it to a USB serial adapter, once the device fully booted, it presented a standard Linux console login on the serial port.

this is NOT my page, nor my device, but a nice post about the hardware of the device itself, I believe it even shows a close-up of the test pads with the pins labelled.

So, today I realized LEEO is no longer with us.

Has anyone done any digging? I may have to rip mine apart this weekend and try to get into it...

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Another smoke device gone.... I honestly think First Alert is doing this.

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I used my Leeos for the water leak alarm sound detection. Worked great in conjunction with my wink+Dome shut off valve. Once they shut down I was left with no other option than getting 12 Samsung water leak sensors (cheapest option I could find) which also pushed me to migrate to Hubitat. This combo works great and the water is off in less than 10 seconds from water detection. I couldn’t find any other device that listens to water leak detector sound. I think a lot of these companies come up with good ideas for hardware but don’t really think through how they can monetize the service afterwards. There really is a finite number of people they can sell hardware to. I would’ve paid a few bucks a month to keep Leeo. I packed mine away in the hopes of someday they may either resurrect or someone comes up with a way to hack them.

I just ordered their z-wave CO/Smoke detector.

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Why would you do that ? It seems it can't even detect smoke anymore.

@anon61068208 Their Z-Wave model can’t? Isn’t it just pulling from the internal smoke relay?

From what I read on amazon people were posting reviews saying ti no longer sounds a alarm with smoke and it was posted by many users.


Shit strike that.... I thought you were still chatting about LEEO

I use the first alert combos -- they work great in hubitat.