LED strips in the US

Im looking for some good and inexpensive RGBW light strips to put in my house that will connect to Hubitat. Needs to plug into 120 volt in the US.

That's a relative term... what price range are you looking for?

If you didn't do so already, be sure to check these strips that are popular among Hubitat Elevation users:

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The cheaper ones I have found are these on amazon

GIDERWEL RGBWW LED Light Strip16.4ft,Dimmable 5050 RGB Cool White Warm White(2300K-6000K)450LEDs Multi-Color 12V 6 Wire RGB+CCT Ambiance Lightstrip Plus,Non-Waterproof,Only RGBCCT LED Strips https://a.co/d/bVtrAm6

Giderwel has a few different packages that appear to be fairly reasonable. Honestly the zigbee controller is what makes up most of the cost.

The controllers alone generally run $25-28 US unless you get them from somewhere like aliexpress.