LED Light Strips?

My son wants an RGB LED lightstrip for his room. There are so many options and I don't want to get something that will give me headaches down the road. Zigbee or Z-Wave is fine. If Zigbee, I want to make sure it's a good quality router (or not a router at all). Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!

I've been impressed lately with Kasa light strips. They have features rarely found in inexpensive strips and they have been solid for me.

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I don’t see Zigbee or Z-Wave listed on the RGB one?

Those all look like WiFi devices. Assuming you just use the native Kasa App? Is the Kasa integration pretty good? Also, assuming the integration uses some sort of external cloud service or does it control the light locally via WiFi LAN?

The built-in app is great. It runs local. The only downside, is that it relies on polling to update the status. As long as you're running the automation from Hubitat it will always be in sync.

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Sengled Smart Zigbee Multicolor Light Strip, 2M (6.56ft) Base Kit, Hub Required, Also Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, RGBW, Extendable, High Brightness, 1400Lumens (E1G-G8E) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QD2SGDB?ref_=cm_sw_r_apann_dp_1BRB8RJC85K8AV592KVN

I like the Sengled.

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Those were my go to strips, but the dimming is "choppy" and they don't have led zones like the Kasa (or Lifx).

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The MagicHome integration is all local. The caveat being the same as Bobby mentioned with the Kasa...it has to wait to poll the devices if you make a change using the remote or app for updates. If you just use Hubitat for everything, then it's all instant.

If your deadset on ZigBee, these work well https://a.co/d/6UtSy73

I would also suggest you look at Govee. They make pretty decent stuff of varying abilities. They are controlled via Wifi, Bluetooth, or LAN Control via API. They have LED Strips, Neon Rope lights and various other light devices.

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I found one of these in my "Smart Home" bin. I vaguely remember people saying Sylvania doesn't do a good job with Zigbee. Anyone have any experience with this one? Worth a try, or not worth the hassle?



I have a whole house full of the Sylvania LED strips. They all work fine, and are decent Zigbee repeaters as well. The starter kit with the controller is here.

I've had as many as 40 strips (almost 80') on one controller with no problems; I currently have one 40' run and one 26' run, changing color once a minute.

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