LED Light Strip, making the right choice

I do some home automation for a relative. I am in need of a single led light strip. I would like to be able to turn on/off, dim and activate a scene or 2 using alexa.

Anybody have any suggestions?


I've got a couple of Sylvania ZigBee ones that have worked well.

i did 2812b strips, nodemcu with WLED, and HE integration (Aircoookie WLED integration to HE - #4 by blink). it can be passed to alexa and controlled. it's not as "clean cut" as pre-built solutions, but can be cheap and more customizable than pre-builts

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There are a lot of really junky LED strips out there.

To my untrained eye, it looked like there are innumerable outlets all selling pretty much the same strip, from the same Chinese factory.

And they just don't seem to last long.

I've had far better luck with the Phillips ones (but they aren't ultra-cheap to buy, either).

Do you use the phillips hue light strip with or without the hub? For my house I bought the hub starter kit and have installed my first phillips hue light strip.

I have some set up both ways.

There's something to be said about a direct connection with the Hubitat hub (no need to communicate with the Philips hub then have the Philips hub communicate with the device).

There's something to be said about the devices being on the Philips hub where they are officially supported and able to receive firmware updates, etc.

Sorry for the non-answer--but there's not really a cut & dried one to give.


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I do have some Philips strips as well. One is setup under the bed as a night light (Philips is overkill for this) and one on the back of our media center that syncs with the TV. The Sylvania ones are accent lighting in the kickplate of our bar and the murphy bed.

  1. Decouple the LED strip from LED controller. Any LED strip can be brought into HE with the right controller.
  2. Are you looking for RGB, white, or RGBW?

I have purchased 4 sets of these from Amazon:

They are Zigbee controlled. I can set up commands via hubitat to change colors and levels based on certain events. Then, with the Alexa integration, I can say things like, "Alexa, set living room tv lights to green and dim to 50%".

I have been very happy with them. Going on about four months now, and they still work great.

For just white strips, I have three strips of these that have been installed for 5 years without any problems. One of them has never been turned off.


For RGB strips, I have several of these that have been installed for several years without issues.


For controller, I have several of these that have been chugging along for years using the MagicHome integration. I only have either white or RGB strips. For the one white strip that I have this controlling, I just hooked the negative leg on the strip to the red channel and set the controller to red.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I greatly appreciate the information.

Lifx.... Hands down

Kasa, save a buck or two :wink:

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