Kwiksets Smartcode 914 Zigbee and Hubitat - will an app manage codes and schedules?

I've had the lock for about three years, and it works fine with Amazon's cloud-cam and the Amazon Key app, however Amazon is ending all of this and I'm looking for options.

As part of the cancellation, Amazon sent me a free Echo 4 with zigbee support, but it is limited. The alexa appcan only lock and unlock the door. I'd like to be able to manage codes, schedules and get notifications.

So I'm looking around to see what might solve this specific issue and open up more options for me. The lock is Kwikset SmartCode 914 Smart lock ( Smart Code 914 ZB 3.0) if that helps.

Thanks in advance,

adding notes to myself here as I find my way around, but I can't include links.

docs2 hubitat com /en/apps/lock-code-manager
community hubitat com /t/release-reliable-locks/11382
docs2 hubitat com /en/devices/list-of-compatible-devices

When you pair the lock with Hubitat, you’ll be able to manage user codes from the lock’s device page. There’s also a dedicated built-in app called Lock Code Manager to manage lock codes.

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Thanks, I ordered the C7 a few minutes ago and it will arrive tomorrow. I think this will be a decent option for me.

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Welcome to Hubitat.
It really is a great device. Please don't get discouraged by the steep learning curve. Pairing my Kwikset 914 Z-Wave (rather than Zigbee) was one of the first things I tried to do when I knew ZERO about Hubitat and wow was it frustrating. It is not as intuitive as buying something off Amazon, but once you get the hang of it, it's much easier to add future devices.

  1. When you first get the C7, you will need to set it up.
  2. Next, you will go into the DEVICES section and pair your lock. Once you confirm you can lock and unlock it by pressing the button on your computer in the C7 devices section you leave devices. You do not try to put any lock users or their codes in this section.
  3. Go to the Apps section. If I recall correctly (others will correct me if I'm wrong) you need to install the Lock Code Manager, so in the upper right, click on the "Add Built In Apps" and find "Lock Code Manager" on the list and install it.
  4. Once installed, still in the Apps section, select "Lock Code Manager" to open the app. NOW is when you finally being setting up the lock to give users codes, etc.
    Good decision on the HE. You will love it...

Also before your C7 arrives you may want to google around a bit on which driver is the best for your 914 Zigbee lock. For my 914 Zwave there was no specific 914 driver, so I had to select from what was available and tried 2 different ones. I'm currently using a Schlage driver. The discussions in the forums here are VERY helpful.

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Since you're new, take a gander at this link. There is a lock section that can help you too...

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Thanks for the tips. I'm looking forward to getting started.

I have been looking at automation controllers for a while and amazon ending the cloud cam control of my lock was the tipping point to get one.

I'm not pleased how amazon handled this. They glossed over feature removal for features that were part of my decision to buy.

water under the bridge. this simply raised the priority to find a replacement.

Update. C7 arrived, setup was easy enough. @calinatl thank you for the short notes. These worked well.

Lock manager allows adding locks edit: I meant codes, and I can lock and unlock.

I don't see support for scheduled times. This was useful for a pet sitter.
I don't see support to remove users from the locks.
I'll keep digging around.

update 2. lock manger does not seem to be working.

I cannot add codes.
I cannot retrieve codes.
I don't see any events in logs.

I can lock and unlock so there is some integration with the lock.

I seem to be missing something.

I'll post a question in the apps area.

Did you retrieve the existing codes from the lock first using "Get Codes" from the device page? Unless Lock Code Manager knows how many code slots are in use, it cannot manage codes.

when I selected Get Codes, I would see the response but the lock codes body was empty.

It did list the max codes, which is 30 but I could not add any.

Before pairing the lock I had done a factory reset so there were no codes in the lock.

I added three codes to the lock via the keypad; clicked "Refresh" and then "Get Codes"

The second and third code are shown. I guess the first code is the "admin" ?

Now that it has some codes to work with I was able to rename them via lock code manager

I could not add a new code via lock code manager, but could add it from the device page.

I'll keep experimenting.

Thank you @aaiyar for the suggestions.

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I'm still strolling through this forum, trying to glean whatever insight I can. I'm a new C7 owner, and I saw your reference to Kwikset and stopped to read more. The first and only ZWave device I've installed is a Kwikset 99160-020 Smartcode 916 that showed up as a Schlage FE599/BE369 Lock in My Devices which froze me in my tracks. Now I see it may just be using a Schlage driver, but I still can't get it to function remotely. Ah well, back to my stroll.

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So I just looked mine up, and it is indeed a Kwikset 916 (Z-Wave).
Yes, it pairs as a Schlage. I've gone back and forth and left it as Schlage as that works best.

To pair it, I had to have the hub and the lock very close.

When you say you can't get it to function remotely, do you mean that after it is paired, in HE, in devices, you can't lock and unlock? If so that might mean it is not paired.

Might be best to totally reset the lock, THEN pair it into HE, then add back all the codes.

I think I've done that, but to be honest, some time has passed between my opportunities to tinker with it as it's not in my residence. My recollection is that it gave a positive indication for pairing. Would it have shown up in My Devices otherwise? Thanks for the feedback!

Make sure you didn't create any ghosts when pairing

I found a workaround and gave up trying to get the kwikset 914 zigbee device to do more.

My workaround was to buy a used internal motor for a Kwikset Halo which has the electronic control board that uses wifi and is supported by the Kwikset app. The Kwikset app has remote code management, allows you to set codes with day/time schedule restrictions and one-time codes. It can also receive lock / unlock alerts.

Thanks for the advice and suggestions.

I checked, and that is possible. I removed it and will try to re-add it later. A frustrating aspect of my learning curve is that I'm doing this at a house about a forty-five minute drive away. I have remote admin, but some buttons must be pushed digitally. :point_up: :grin:

Missed this earlier, but if you haven't tried it yet switch the lock driver over to the Generic Zwave Lock - it works much better than using the Schlage driver.

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