Kwikset z-wave lock not connected status on Dashboard

I got the new C-7 recently and migrated my veraplus system. Two Kwikset z-wave locks, a couple of GE z-wave switches, and Zigbee bulbs. The setup went smooth and all my devices work without any problem. Very impressed with the devices supported in C-7.

Yesterday I tried to unlock the Kwikset lock remotely, but it did not work. When I click on the unlock button, it changes the status to unlock. But nothing happened on the Kwikset lock. Found that the battery is dead when I get home. After swapping out the batteries, the lock works again.

My question is does the dashboard indicate that the Kwikset lock is not connected to C-7? I recall in VeraPlus, I do get a "device not connected" error when this happened.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to Hubitat. :smiley:

Not on its own. There are apps you could use to warn you of battery or device issues.

  • One would be to use the built-in Hubitat Safety Monitor, set up a battery low warning.
  • Another I like is a community app, btpworld's Device Watchdog app. Unlike the Hubitat Safety Monitor, this can do both battery and device (check-in) monitoring. I use this and like it a lot. This is available through Hubitat Package Manager, which if you haven't tried it is an easy way to find and install community based apps.

Thanks for your reply. :smile:

ok, I will checkout the apps. Does the low battery warnings appear on the dashboard or I need to proactively check the status in the app?

It will be great if it can report it in the dashboard.

I think that Hubitat Safety Monitor can send text alerts, or turn on switches, which could be a virtual switch, that you then place on the dashboard. I don't believe you can see individual battery levels if memory serves me correctly. So the virtual switch could turn ON (and/or send a text) to alert you if there is a problem. Been a while since I have tried it, so there might be other ways to alert you.

With bpt's Device Watchdog, you can view individual battery/device status in a dashboard tile, and/or also set up a virtual switch that would turn on in the event something is wrong. I don't think this sends text messages directly, but there probably is a way to make a Hubitat rule (Basic Rules, or Rule Machine) send a text if the virtual switch turns on.

Couple different choices, you might just try each and see what works for you the best.

The Device watchdog solution sounds interesting. Let me explore this a little more.

Thanks again for your help and suggestions. :smile: