kwikset 911 lock

I have my kwikset lock linked to my hubitat with zwave module. Is there a way that when someone uses their unlock code, it will announce that user code owner on my google home?

Yes., but there are a few steps required to get it to work.

First, you need to install the Chromecast Integration (beta) app (which can be found in Apps > Add Built-in App). You'll need to configure it, which is actually really easy to do. After you install the app, open it to discover your Google Home device(s). They will be created as child devices.

Then, In Rule Manager, create a rule with a trigger of "lock code". If you want to hear the actual name of the person that owns the lock code, you'll need to create a rule for each one code. If you just want the actual code, you can use the Any Lock Code option. For an action, use the "Send or speak message" action and at the bottom of that form, click on the "Speak this message?" and drop down the "On this speech device" menu and select the devices you want to speak.

Also, be sure to read this thread: Send Message - who unlocked the door? Possible? How?

Thank you that worked just like I was hoping.

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