Konnected Alarm Summary "Icon"

I have a Konnected Pro alarm panel and just made the switch to Hubitat. I like it so much more than Smarthings. I am replacing my actiontile tablets and building new dashboards.

I can't figure out how I can make a summary icon of my zone states. I want to put a "Door" tile that turns red if a door is open or a "Window" tile to do the same. On some I would just like a red/green overall summary of the Alarm that i can hop to another dashboard to look at the detail.

Any advice on how to do this would be appreciated.

I'd probably create a virtual switch and then use rule (or webCore piston) that summarizes the current condition to turn the switch on/off. That switch could then be used to drive a tile for your dashboard.

I had tried using rule machine. I can get it turned on by the state of all my contact sensors and when one moves to open I turn on the switch.

I am struggling how to turn it back off because if multiple contacts are open a change in state of one is turning it off and not accurately reflecting the state.

Not as familiar with RM as I should be, but webCore has an Any condition


which allows me to use a trigger of any contact state change and then say if any contact is open set the switch to on/open else set the switch off/closed.

Thank You. I think it is time to suck it up and figure out how to use webCore.

Holler if you get stuck.

@Cobra has a average all app that should do it for you

Here's a screenshot of my approach, using the Tile Master app to generate those multiple lines of info per tile. The cool thing about this is I can also open/close lock/unlock turn on/off lights by clicking on the status (and the colors are configurable - anything open/unlocked would be Red)

I created a Virtual Contact Sensor and used this RM rule to set it appropriately. I did the same for windows.

This is how you control the open and close of the virtual contact:

Ok... Thanks for everyone's help and thebearmay thank you for getting my over the syntax hurdle.

After a bunch of reading and watching I was able to do this with Rule Machine. I was also able to create a Virtual Contact and manipulate that so I can use contact sensor status and/or door window status in other rules and tiles.

I also figure out that under custom actions you can manipulate a virtual contact sensor. This is not obvious as it is not a choice in the dropdowns.

It is working great and wanted to follow up in case anyone else is looking to do this.

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I was typing while you posted this. Thanks. I finally figured out what you posted....

Looks good, you should add an end-if, it will work without but if you added anything later it may not work as expected since it would only happen if all are closed without the end-if.

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