Kitchen Motion Sensor Recommendation

Just starting out in the motion sensor game, and wanted to double check before buying:

Use Case:

Our kitchen lights frequently don't get turned off when someone has left the kitchen. I would like a sensor to handle the detection and write some rules to turn off the lights when presence is no longer detected.

If I'm correct in my research from this forum, it seems like either:

  1. Philips Hue: Motion Sensor | Philips Hue US
  2. Aeotec:


  1. Is one preferred over the other for Hubitat?
  2. Is there another option that works equally as well that's at or below this price point?
  3. Bonus if someone has a program they've already written I could see for ideas.

Thanks for the help as always...

I would say this is the most common use for automation. I have motion sensors all over my home and while the fact that the lights come On when motion is detected, it's the OFF that I care most about.

Hubitat has many mechanisms for doing this from Simple Lighting to Rule Machine. Ultimately they all implement the same logic of "when Motion stops, wait N minutes Then turn off the light."


From Costco US.

$60/2 Member Pricing

Room Lighting with 2 sensors using Zone Motion should give you excellent results.


Both of your options are excellent motion sensors.

The Hue has the advantage that it uses standard AAA batteries and has more configurable options.


Never thought to look at Costco for this stuff, great suggestion. Unfortunately when I click on that link, it's out of stock for me...bummer. Regardless, going to give the Philips sensor a whirl.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

I'll share my experience. Having spent hundreds on motion sensors. Either Hue or Iris V2(which are only available 2nd hand). The Hue pay for themselves because they use cheap AAA batteries and are very reliable. I have the ST motion sensor and it falls off my mesh, whereas the Hue is rock solid. The hue is sometimes very difficult to pair, but in the end is the winner.
As a result of this post, I just looked at my ST motion sensor, it fell off again on 1/29/23 arggg

EDIT- Mike Maxwell loves his NYCE motion sensors, but they're like 60-70 bucks each and hard to find. EDIT2- Amazon has them for 54 USD + tax


Thanks for the Hue recommendation, it's worked out well so far.

The Third Reality sensors seem to be fairly good options also. Under $20 each and also use AA batteries. Very temp sensor, sensitivity setting, lux reading, etc., if that makes any difference.

Using a lot of different motion sensors in my house.
So far the new favorite are the Aqara FP1
smart home scene review have the ZY-M100 And PS-HPS on order to test out.
The GE Jasco motion switches have 1 or 2 of those in every room.

Overall finding the best results using a combination of more than one motion sensor in each area.

I should have mentioned the new Aqara FP2 motion sensors are coming out shortly so you may want to wait for those.
I saw a few sites say that they were to be released in China on Feb 23rd some say March but haven't seen any sites with them for sale yet.


Aqara FP2 teaser (in Chinese : ( )


Another good option for a kitchen might be a Tuya Multi-sensor 4 in 1, Temp, Hum, Lux and motion

FP2 can not be compared to any PIR sensor...

See on the video (after the 21st second) how precisely it tracks 4 persons moving in a different directions in the room... And how it allows the triggering of different automations depending on the person's position.


My first thought was how cool that would be for the open space between our living room, dining room and kitchen.
My second thought was, holy #$%&! That is some creepy tech!

Yep, this may bring some scary feelings.. :frowning:

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Take a look at this info I just received.


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If you only want motion, don't need temp or lux, etc., then there are a lot of fans here of the Third Reality sensors - they use AAA batteries and have very long battery life, and are dependable from what I've heard. I don't have any, but they seem to be well liked and are inexpensive, about $20.

Centralite is another very dependable brand, long history in HA devices, and make quality stuff, and the motion sensor includes temp. About the same price as the Hue, claim 2 year battery life.

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