Keypad for Hubitat HSM?

I want to use my Hubitat as alarm system but I wanted to have a keypad where I could disarm using a lock code.
Iris V3 keypad seems like a good option but I can't find it being sold in europe.
Do you use a keypad to do this? Or do you use a separate alarm system that integrates with Hubitat?

Lots of options, try ebay for Iris 3405-L, or the Iris IL02 (V3)
V2 uses aa batteries.
You could also use a certain secret light switch in your home as the "disarm" key or a double tap on a hidden smartthings button(under a chair or underside of a table)

Or an old android tablet with a pin on the dashboard that disarms.
Sooo many options !

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Thank you for your suggestions.
My only options right now is to disarm with a button, I can only find those keypads in USA, and if I order from there, shippings and taxes makes it more expensive than the keypad itself

Just keep in mind that those beep when disarmed, So in my case I had one in the bedroom - not good if you disarm the system while people are sleeping.

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That wouldn't be a problem for me. The problem is that it doesn't seem to be sold anymore. I can only find used ones on Ebay

Yup. I bought mine on ebay.

If you don't like the beeping from them it's relatively easy to pop open the case and clip the beeper off the board if you want to go completely silent. Or you can fill in the piezo with a little silicone calk to quiet it down. I did that with the beeper on my cheap electric safe and it made it a just very dull beep. Cutting the beeper off also eliminates the key beeps and the delay arming beeps though. You also then can't use it as door open beeper either. So, when I say silent, i mean COMPLETELY SILENT. :slight_smile:

You can adjust the beep volume up and down with the 2 and 5 keys respectively but it doesn't go nearly quiet enough IMHO.

And I am speaking specifically about the Iris gen2 keypads....I haven't figured a way to open my Gen 3 without totally destroying it yet. :wink:

I got my gen 3 keypads apart, but I mangled the case of one of them pretty good. :man_shrugging: Probably wasn't patient enough.

I worked out the resistor value I needed to solder in across the piezo to get it quieter but ended up not wanting to damage it too much, since it's in my Living Room. However, i was thinking while looking at it today, i might try using clear silicone on the slits on the side. It gets some of it's volume from echoing inside the case so that should deaden the sound somewhat.

Yeah, that would probably knock it down quite a bit. And easy enough to do.

I will test it out tonight or tomorrow and report back. :slight_smile:

More importantly, easy enough to remove if it totally wonks it up.

Okay, I scarificed mine to the HA gods.
Not hard to open if you know where the tabs are. I got mine open by prying near the bottom of battery comparment, with an oyster knife(excellent prying tool BTW)

Here's some intimate pictures

So, I tried the caulking on the slits on the side of the Gen 3 so I wouldn't have to crack the case....yeah, after 3 layers of caulk so you couldn't even see the holes anymore it was just as loud. Didn't do anything to muffle the sound.

I might have to bit the bullet and crack the sucker open. Soldering a 10 or 20 ohm resistor across the contacts fort the piezo would totally bring the volume down and keep the functionality of the volume buttons if it lowers it too much.