Kasa tp-link and currentValue


I came from ST and can't seem to get currentValue to work with Hubitat like it did in Smartthings.
Any ideas?

Example of code....
note: desklamp is a tp-link plug (HS105)
def desklamp_state = "on"

desklamp_state = desklamp.currentValue("switch") //get state of desk lamp

if (desklamp_state == "on"){
....do stuff.....


in a driver it's device.currentValue("attribute name")
this whole thing here can be simplified to:

if (device.currentValue("switch") == "on") { //do stuff here...}


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Just an FYI @djgutheinz has created a phenomenal local solution for TP-Link/Kasa devices. Check it out: [RELEASE] TP-Link Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration


Agreed, it works amazingly well and locally!


Opps. My problem was in the ....do stuff here.... code. Thanks for the input and code reduction idea.