Kasa Integration HS300's not detected yet HS110's are

Hi I just got the Kasa Integration app and drivers (as identified in the install instructions) into place. For some reason the multiple smart outlet Kasa HS300 power strips are not detected (installed driver is EM-Multi-Plug.groovy: HS300) while the single smart plug Kasa HA110 outlets are (installed driver EM-Plug.groovy: HS110, KP115). In the Kasa Integration app I can pick the HA110s but HS300s are not detected.

How do I resolve this? I seem to have followed the developer's guidance.


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That's a community developed integration. So, I'd recommend posting in the developer's original thread for TP-Link Kasa devices:

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@dwighthutchinson let us know if you get that strip working? Thanks

Are you having problems with the HS300?


No I would like to get one if it work. I know you have a app for it and I was not sure that the HS300 would work?

I have a hs300 and it works. There are several other successful users. There are problems with the device itself reported on the TP-Link Threads (and it may be related to the issue identified here).

Link: HS300 Random power cycle - TP-Link Community

I have 4 new kp115 working but my hs300 is not detected. I have reloaded, restarted, and done all the suggestions I have found here and on the Kasa site. Any suggestions?



I have followed all the documentation with the except of using your provide Kasa Cloud linking. I would prefer to have this connect locally. Why would that not be possible?


Local only is the desired integration. There are many reasons outside this app that can cause the error:

  • the device is unreachable by Hubitat because it was installed on a different network on your router (i.e., guest network)
  • the device is unreachable by Hubitat because it is on a different wifi segment
  • the device's wifi signal is weak and it requires multiple tries (that my routine does not do).
  • the device firmware has been updated by TP-Link to not allow local control

Detailed trouble shooting. Let's start doing some detailed troubleshooting. Follow these instructions to get me the data I need.

  • Device data from the Kasa Phone App
    • open the Kasa phone application
    • For the HS300 and one of the HS110's
      • go to settings, device Info page
      • provide the following data from that page:
        • Wi-Fi Network
        • Model
        • Hardware Version
        • Firmware Version
  • Provide IP address for the HS110 and the HS300 and include in the response
    Hubitat Activities
    • Open a log page
    • Open the Hubitat Kasa Integration app
      • Select Enable debug logging (at bottom)
      • Run "Install Kasa Devices/ ..."
      • Press "Next"
      • Deselect "Enable debug logging"
      • Press "Done"
    • Go to the logging page and select "Kasa Integration"
      • Copy and send the log page text here.

I will go through the data and double check if there is a problem I can correct.


I have a few HS110s that were working fine with Hubitat until my router died and I replaced with an eero router system. My HS110s are connected to eero, but Hubitat won't control them. When I look in Hubitat, they have their old IP addresses, so I removed those devices, but when I go to the Kasa Integration App and look for new devices, I cannot find them. I tried updating the Kasa EM Plug Driver and the App to the latest versions, and restarted my Hubitat router, but I still cannot get my plugs to show up on the App page. When I go to the Kasa Integration app and click the button to look for new devices, the drop down shows up but it says 0 devices available to add. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Note that this was answered in the main integration thread.