Kasa Device not installing

Setup -
8 Kasa 103 Outlets
1 Kasa KP400 Outdoor Outlet
All Apps are up to date

Problem -
The 8 outlets are working flawlessly, but the KP400 is not showing up in my Device list. Every time I go to the Kasa Integration, it shows that I can add the device (2 outlets), but they never get installed. In the Application Database, they show up, but are labeled as "No" in the Inst column.

Steps I've taken -
Static IP addresses to the outlets
Update all software/apps/Integrations
Removed, then reinstalled
Renamed (to see if there was a naming standard I wasn't following)

Does anyone else have this issue or know what would be causing it?


Tagging @djgutheinz.

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Jon, Since i see no logs, a best guess is you did not install the driver for the KP400 Multiplug.

Please make sure you have the driver for the Kasa Multiplug. The link is below.


Get back on the results, please.



I can't believe I forgot that step! That solved it. Thank you Dave. (And thank you for the script/integration!) You've saved my Christmas light setup.

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At 72, I forget things all the time, so I understand. Hope you and your family enjoy the decorations and holidays.


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I just received 5 of the KP400 plugs and am using your driver and app! vERY nice!

  1. is it normal to use the Kasa app to initialize the plug and get it on my network before using the Kasa integration? Seems like that is the only way to add the device to Humitat.
  2. once added to hubitat, how do I change the IP address from DHCP to static (actually assign an IP address to the plug)? Do I input the static IP in the box labeled Zigbee ID?
  3. why the caution on Kasa cloud binding? Is it safe to "unbound from cloud"?

The driver and app are working GREAT! I have 2 of the dual plugs so far installed and they are working fine!

Thank You for your effort and help!

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Dave Gutheinz here.

Answers by number

  1. Yes. The integration assumes the device is installed on the LAN and this is usually done via the official Kasa App on your phone.
  2. Static IP address are created in your WiFi router. Each manufacturer seems to do this a separate way. You will need to research the router.
  3. Bind and Unbind are safe. Some elements of note:
    • Control through the Kasa App will now work only when your phone is in your LAN.
    • Unbinding is unrestricted as far as credentials.
    • Binding requires that you have entered your cloud credentials in the Hubitat Kasa Integration App.

The Integration is community developed with support requests via the Integrations link. Use that link for future problems so we do not exercise the Hubitat Staff unnecessarily.

Dave Gutheinz

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Thank you Dave.
So is the correct place to be posting? I did click on 'integrations" and this thread.
I will wait for your answer before going any further.

EDIT: I didn't know there were different places to post.
Thank You

[quote="pomonabill220, post:8, topic:57330"]
So is the correct place to be posting? I did click on 'integrations" and this thread.
I will wait for your answer before going any further.

Thank you.
I clicked the link and "OOPS... that page doesn't exist or is private".

Also, I posted on this thread because I saw other posts regarding your driver and the problems they were having... that is why I posted here.
I did go through the 827 posts on the release community driver posting. Didn't know the difference and that is why I posted here.
Kinda confusing where a post should be put if there isn't a distinction for us users.

Seems like there are several posts about this driver and product... very confusing!

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