Kasa and/or TP-Link local control

Hey, kids!

Welcome to Hubitat and local control of your smart home devices.

Want to do something simple like move your Kasa wifi switches to Hubitat?

Good luck!

Since they are not natively compatible because they are Wi-Fi devices it's not going to be simple. However there is a community solution.

I don't have Kasa devices so I don't know how effective it is


Sarcasm aside, are you interested in learning how to integrate your Kasa devices locally with Hubitat?

It’s possible, but there is no built-in integration because most WiFi switches have no standardized API, meaning Hubitat would have to create a new integration for pretty much every single manufacturer’s devices. Unlike Zigbee and z-wave devices, which do have standards for integrating with hubs (because a hub is required for them to work, by design).

There is a community-developed integration, however:

So it might appear as though you want to do something simple with your Kasa switches, but unfortunately it’s not actually simple from the developer/platform perspective.


You get the gold star. After the tone of their post, I decided I wasn't going to respond at all and let them know it is possible to do with a user integration.

You are a better man than I am. :slight_smile:


At this point, you probably know as well as I do that depends entirely on time of day and whether I’m fully caffeinated before reading new threads here :wink:.


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Same here. Still on my 1st cup of coffee, maybe that's my problem. lol


Thank you for the thoughtful replies and the well-deserved criticism.

I understand the issue a little bit.

On the other hand, there are going to be more and more Smartthings refugees coming to Hubitat who have never heard of GitHub and their Kasa plugs were working fine on Smartthings.

When they search for Kasa or TP-Link in the help section it wouldn't hurt to link to a general comment like the ones above. It's not like TP-Link is the equivalent of "Fred's Fun Wifi Plugs".

This is very helpful if you need to make new purchases of devices and might have discouraged you from purchasing Hubitat since Kasa isn't on list.



The documentation section could use some updating/reorganizing, no doubt. But @stephen_nutt’s link to the compatible devices page is a good resource for anyone moving from another platform (not just ST).


I think not. The SmartThings users who are most likely to move to Hubitat are those that made heavy use of the IDE to integrate devices and apps (i.e. the folks whose use of automation was with a combination of the old app + the IDE). That set will be well-acquainted with GitHub.


Thank you for continuing to be constructive. I would still be more discouraged with SmartThings than I am with Hubitat. Although, my current issues with the Hubitat Z-Wave network and my new iBlinds is making it very close.

The reality is that Hubitat users, including me at first, comment about how great Hubitat is around the internet when we see the swelling criticism of SmartThings. I suspect that most people just make the jump based on all of the positive comments about Hubitat. Supported device list notwithstanding it might be good to dumb-down the help section for this huge new market segment of potential Hubitat users or just put a big red warning like "If you are not the kind of person who already has a GitHub account don't buy our product!"

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That’s a great point!

I was also under the impression that’s why many people were disgruntled with ST these days, ie the switch to the new app, retiring of the old IDE, and custom apps like echo speaks, etc.

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They provide a list of companies that work with Hubitat on their website.

That page has a link to list I just shared. They can't make a similar list of everything that doesn't work. It would be unwieldily.

I feel your pain. I bought the Konnected alarm board and missed on their website in the big bold letters where it said Zone 1 doesn't work with a Vista alarm panel which is the kind of panel I have. So now I have 5 usable zones.

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I don't know how Hubitat sees their customer. It looks like a niche market between the major smart home clans like Samsung, Google/Siri, and Amazon/Alexa and the free-range hardware-independent uber-nerd systems like Home Assistant.

Samsung has generated vast customer dissatisfaction for whatever reason. This could be an opportunity for Hubitat to expand their market segment or just keep doing what they are doing until the niche disappears.

Since they just came out with a new generation of hardware I would expect them to broaden their appeal to the opportunities for new customers created by Samsung.

Time will tell.

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Why do you assume the niche will disappear?

Presumably they have some interest in expanding, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to cater to the least tech savvy potential customers, or perish.


You are correct, Mark.

There may also be a general increase in the tech savvy market as more people with the inclination get addicted to home automation.

There were hints in the last “Hubitat Live!’ that Hubitat has markets other than individual homeowners.

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I don’t like or drink coffee. Perhaps that is why I am a crabby old man ..:angry:

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