Just released HS-WX300, is this natively supported

The new Homeseer HS-WX300 has just been released. Other Homeseer switches seem to have good native support in Hubitat, is this switch also supported with the older driver and are they going to create a new driver?

They probably need to get one to test it out.

I'm guessing you'd have luck with at least the basic functions (so no LED parameters) with the Generic Z-Wave Plus Dimmer or Generic Z-Wave Plus Switch driver, but it's possible an existing HomeSeer driver would work too if they didn't change too much. I haven't compared the configuration parameters or the Z-Wave command classes they use.

That being said, this actually looks like a neat device--similar to their old switches/dimmers, but somehow able to be configured as either a switch or a dimmer (something I know Inovelli was also looking at), but Z-Wave 700-series (which they do not mention at all!). Also no neutral required, and at the current sale price, it's almost a good deal. :smiley:

I ordered one to play around with (because I can't help myself).

But I'm guessing, as above, that staff will need to get their hands on the new one to make it work fully.

I just ordered a batch. I think the HS-WD200 driver will work. I will give it a try when it arrives.

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I do have a batch of the Inovelli switches. They look great but do not Dim well on the switch.

Some people have reported "jagged" (noticeable steps) dimming with the LZW31/LZW31-SN that might be resolvable by changing some of the configuration parameters, or it could be a compatibility issue between the bulbs and the dimmer. But the product I was talking about--a configurable combination switch or dimmer all in one, is an entirely different product: ZigBee 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project New Horizon (Blue Series) - Projects & Roadmaps - Inovelli Community (it's also Zigbee, which they are aiming for first due to issues with their current Z-Wave manufacturer, but that's apparently a long story!). The "two in one" thing is what reminded me of this product.

I will definitely give that a try.

WX300 uses the same parameters as the WD200 so support should be easy to add. We're sending a sample out to @bcopeland tomorrow.


I just got an email from a local store which is having a sale on this switch ($65CAD). I was looking at getting the Inovelli red on/off switch or dimmer but most places don't have it in stock. But after seeing what this one can do https://youtu.be/aTvkOmiyHCc I might just grab it.
But I also have a question. I want to use it in the garage to control a LED driveway security light. The current switch I have (non-smart) is setup like this.

It's a one gang switch with dual toggles. The bottom controls the security flood light while the top controls a light inside the garage. Would the wx300 be able to replace the current switch and still be able to function as originally intended?


Just got mine in the mail and tried to pair it but not having any luck...nevermind, it paired fine after I re-read the manual. :slight_smile: (Or, perhaps I found old instructions with Google and not the current ones, in the event that this has ever changed...)

Anyway, I was working on a driver for this that I think would work, apparently for both this and the WD-200. So, I might have a driver soon if anyone wants an open-source one written specifically for Hubitat and this device. But in the meantime, the WD-200+ driver should work, given the above, that nothing of importance really changed on the Z-Wave side (at least in dimmer mode, I assume)...and it's likely mine would work with that, too. I just don't have one to test.

The WX300 says it operates as a dimmer or as a switch - there's a configuration button to set the mode See HS-WX300 User Guide - HomeSeer Products - HomeSeer Docs, so a single WX300 won't replace a dual switch. But the gang box for your setup is obviously easily accessible and easily replaced with a dual box, so your most practical solution there is to just replace the gang box and use two switches.

Also, you mention controlling lights inside your garage. Are they fluorescent tube / ballast type lights - many switches don't work with these (they seem to burn out the switch), possibly due to the high initial current, so you may want to check if the WX300 can support them. I've had pretty good luck with HomeSeer WS200 switches for fluorescent tube ballast type lights (even then, several have failed over time).

That’s going to be the interesting part.. Driver wise.

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My assumption is it will expose different classes depending on the mode (which is set via a button on the device). It says that this is set before inclusion, so I assume the classes then differ depending on the state at inclusion and can't be changed after. But that's guessing based on the doc.

For anybody interested, and who wants to take a look at an approach to handling this, in my own driver set, I have a library (https://github.com/jvmahon/HubitatDriverTools/edit/main/zwaveTools.binaryAndMultilevelDeviceTools.groovy) which is generic to both dimmer and binary types, so I handle this using a test against supported classes to see how to send . . .

void sendZwaveValue(Map params = [value: null , duration: null , ep: null ] )
	Integer newValue = Math.max(Math.min(params.value, 99),0)
	List<Integer> supportedClasses = getThisEndpointClasses(params.ep ?:0)

	if (supportedClasses.contains(0x26)) { // Multilevel  type device
		if (! params.duration.is( null ) ) advancedZwaveSend(zwave.switchMultilevelV4.switchMultilevelSet(value: newValue, dimmingDuration:params.duration), params.ep)	
			else advancedZwaveSend(zwave.switchMultilevelV1.switchMultilevelSet(value: newValue), params.ep)
	} else if (supportedClasses.contains(0x25)) { // Switch Binary Type device
		advancedZwaveSend(zwave.switchBinaryV1.switchBinarySet(switchValue: newValue ), params.ep)
	} else if (supportedClasses.contains(0x20)) { // Basic Set Type device
		log.warn "Device ${device.displayName}: Using Basic Set to turn on device. A more specific command class should be used!"
		advancedZwaveSend(zwave.basicV1.basicSet(value: newValue ), params.ep)
	} else {
		log.error "Device ${device.displayName}: Error in function sendZwaveValue(). Device does not implement a supported class to control the device!.${ep ? " Endpoint # is: ${params.ep}." : ""}"

The difficulty in this was with the getThisEndpointClasses(ep) which returns a list of supported classes for a particular endpoint. Since endpoint classes aren't easily available, I had to implement a database (https://github.com/jvmahon/HubitatDriverTools/blob/main/zwaveTools.zwaveDeviceDatabase.groovy) mapping the endpoint classes for my devices.

I could have just used the basicSet for both, but my understanding is that should generally be avoided where there is a more specific command class to do something..

On my "to do" list is to document this all and make this community code, but that's going to be a while.

It's just a regular incandescent bulb but I may switch it to a smart bulb for the sake of controlling it with the wx300.

Are the LEDs hard to see? I have been reading some reviews where they meantion the LEDs are hard to see from some distance.

That is exciting. I still do not have mine.

That was my impression on the HS-WS200+ and the HS-FC200+. I never had the HS-WD200+, which is probably the most similar to this device, though the HS-FC200+ (fan controller) is probably pretty similar, minus an LED or two.

However, the HS-WX300 is supposed to have brighter LEDs, according to HomeSeer's marketing materials. That seems like the case from my personal observation, too, and perhaps they'd be more "readable" from a distance now. But I don't have anything exactly like this to compare it to, and the LEDs themselves are still pretty small (perhaps the exact same?). I've also only used it in a "workbench" setting so far--next to me as I work on the driver--not in-wall, so I can't compare real-world experiences.

So...probably better than the older generations, but still pretty similar and nothing quite like the full "LED bar" thing you'll see on another well-known vendor. :slight_smile: (But more LEDs/statuses possible given that they are all distinct.) Just can't say for sure myself!

I have several HS-WD200s, which is the predecessor dimmer to this one with similar color LED indicators. The indicators are bright and reasonably easy to see from across a large room (20 ft).

Before I jump on buying a few of these, does the switch work with the "old" hubs (purchased Jan. 2020) since this switch is a 700 series Z-Wave?

Yes, all generations of my Z-Wave to date s are backwards and forwards compatible.

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