Just ordered one, now im in need of devices


So i just (like 10 minuets ago) ordered the Hubitat. Im really excited to see what i can achive with it and the ways i can make my life just that much easier. I am however, finding it hard to shuffle through the good form the bad, and i mean products.

Im looking to purchase some buttons to place in my room for my light switch to change between modes and next to my bed. I saw the Lowes Iris, however you know that story, Seems like the cheap $15 USD smartthings buttons arnt avaliable in Australia and the others are all either Wifi or some other protcol.

If you could suggest some cheap buttons i can get here in Australia that you have experice with then that would be great thanks!

I’d suggest a Hue Dimmer switch or better yet, the kit of it where a white bulb is included.

Not pricey and you get 4 buttons to mess around with bonus: buttons 2 and 3 have double press and hold events as well for even more functionality

$35 for kit at Home Depot and you very likely could go to your local store and grab one today


Thanks for replying but i dont think you got that im in Australia. We dont have Home Depot over here and the site wont deliver. Thanks anyways.

I did miss that part, oops. I stand by my recommendation it as a early device though

Iv already got a Lifx bulb, im just looking for a button i can use to chanage between modes. For exmaple i could press it at night and then go into night mode and then press it again and go into day mode.

Are you able to find the OSRAM Smart Switch in AU? It’s got 4 buttons :slight_smile: Decent controller, especially for the price.

Also, you should join the Australian user group and get some sweet flair!

You should be able to connect with other down under folks here.

Hi Josh, Welcome mate.

JB has started stocking the smartthings button.

I'm also building a Product Catalogue that will give some good options.

LIFX has a community driver but not a native one. If you're going to use mostly smart bulbs, then Hue and Sengled are two of the most compatible here in Aus.



Have you looked at the Xiaomi/Aqara devices.
Buttons/Motion sensors/Humidity/Temp/Switches etc.
The price point (in the UK anyway) is good.
The sensors are small and for me they work very well and stay connected.
Might be worth a look.
Apart from that, welcome and have fun getting and using your gizmo's. :wink:


Good suggestion, but I think the Australians still can’t get IKEA TRÅDFRI repeaters or outlets, so stability can be more of an issue without them.

Yeah we've got the repeaters now. No outlets yet though.

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Thanks. Good to know that.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Right as i went to bed saw the JB smartthings buttons and will most likely pick up 2 of those. Next thing will be some smart outlets.

TP-Link Outlets have a community driver for them, the WIFI based ones aren't natively supported, but you can go down the firmware flashing route on a few of them if you're game. Otherwise look for the Z-Wave Outlets.

Just really wish i wan electrician already so i could intall something like this: https://www.amazon.com.au/Approved-Standard-Nue-SmartThings-Automation/dp/B07GX943VP

Also these are the tp-link ones you are refering to right? https://www.amazon.com.au/TP-Link-Required-Anywhere-Assistant-HS100/dp/B017X72J5Q/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=smart+plug&qid=1573447374&sr=8-1

Yes HS100 and HS110 (power monitoring) are commonly used. Available from Bunnings/Officeworks/JB Hifi as well. Only issue is they're chunky!

Short extention lead should fix that, gonna be tucked away behind my bed or desk anyways!

I’m fairly new to this and can say the tp-link outlets with community drivers have been really good. the Samsung smart things buttons worked easily as well.

I am thinking about ordering the Habitat Elevation and I see on their website they don't apply the GST I was wondering how does that work at our end

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