Just got my Hubitat, what are the IR and AV ports for?

Just received my Hubitat hub. Haven't even set it up yet but I noticed it has AV and IR ports on the back of it. I can't find any documentation about these. Does the hub have an in-built ir-blaster/receiver capability?

Not used

I assume the same with the HDMI port and SD card slot. Are there any known future plans for these things?

No plans we’ve been made aware of when inquiries have been made about them. It’s basically just what come with the hardware they built Hubitat upon. Everything is via the Ethernet port and the Zigbee/Z-Wave stick, or separate stacks if you’re not in the US or Canada.

Ok cool. I'm a SmartThings refugee and oh man this is so much better. Seeing @bravenel here as one of the staff IIRC he used to do a ton for the ST community before he got fed up with their crappy platform and left.... to do this I guess!


Yep. You'll see lots of refugees here. I'm one too. Welcome!
Local is amazing. Just a word of warning, if you're a webCoRE user, you'll want to use Bruce's Rule Machine instead. A lot more stability issues with webCoRE here than on ST

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Thanks for the tip! I had already seen the warning about webCoRE. Only had my hubitat for an hour and I can already tell it is miles ahead of ST... Things actually work! And fast!


I would love to see TTS functionality available over the AV port... is that something that can be done?

Well, since the new C5 hub only has a power/usb port and Ethernet port, I doubt we will ever see any of the other ports used for anything.

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I think that AV and IR are not used by Hubitat. I have a chinese tv box that works with Android and the box is the same that the Hubitat except the brand, of course. It have the same IR and AV ports in the same place, like the Hubitat. So, I think that Hubitat orders their boxes from a big factory, maybe in China, who mades the same boxes for every customers but with a different software in.

The post you're replying to is ~2.5 years out of date. The Hubitat C-5 and C-7 models that have onboard zigbee/z-wave radios are not generic Android TV boxes that have been repurposed. The C-5 was released in 2019 and the C-7 was released last year.