WARNING about webCoRE


WARNING about webCoRE

We have determined that running webCoRE on Hubitat Elevation is likely to cause serious problems with your hub. We strongly recommend that you do not install webCoRE.

webCoRE was designed to run in the SmartThings cloud, and has numerous features that depend on that environment for it to work properly. While there has been an ongoing effort made by community members to port webCoRE to Hubitat Elevation, that effort has not resulted in a reliable app. It appears to work some times for some users, but for many users it causes their hub to become bogged down to the point of being unusable. In each of these cases, normal hub operation is restored once webCoRE is removed.

The author of webCoRE, Adrian Caramaliu, created an amazing and powerful app that works quite well in the SmartThings environment. Unfortunately, Mr. Caramaliu is not available to maintain the app nor to provide any support for it. The app itself is quite large and complex. For all practical purposes, the app is therefore unsupported for Hubitat Elevation.

No Support

For these reasons Hubitat is not able to offer support for webCoRE, or for hubs that have problems arising from it. If you have webCoRE installed as an app on your hub and you contact support, the first thing our support team will tell you is to remove WebCoRE. Our support team will not put in effort on your behalf if webCore is installed on your hub.

Community Moderation Policy

Creating new topics about problems with hubs that are running webCoRE detracts from the purpose of the Hubitat Community. Topics created concerning these problems will be consolidated to this topic.

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An alternative, and probably more appropriate, would be to post in the webCoRE forum ... there's a Hubitat subforum.


What if there is a sticky there saying to post in the Hubitat forum.
webCeption !!


Well, just ignore that, LOL



Hold on a second....just because I have webCoRE installed, you won't help me with any problem at all? Are you kidding me right now? So, if a driver doesn't work or I can't pair a device....two problems which can't possibly be attributed to webCoRE in any way at all, Hubitat is going to refuse to help me? Is that what you're saying? That's some wonderful customer service right there.

You know, I have been defending Hubitat and Hubitat staff on the webCoRE forum all day today. But now to see this....I don't even know anymore.

There are users out here who have tried to move things away from webCoRE. And when RM has the functionality that it doesn't currently...specifically the ability to parse information from HTTP calls, then I can turn webCoRE off too. But to arbitrarily say, use this and we won't help you with anything. That's just being a jerk.

And as far as posting in the forum...most people are posting about how to move AWAY from webCoRE. They are looking for help to get things migrated over to RM. Now you're telling them to just shut up? Again, not very good customer service, IMHO.


Okay...but that's not what you said in your post. So, you should clarify that. Because personally, I have never contacted support with a problem concerning access to my system. And that's because I saw what within webCoRE was starting to affect performance and could possibly become a problem and I removed it (such as pistons with rapid updates or repeat calls or repeat scheduling).

webCoRE does exactly one function on my hub right now. It accepts HTTP calls from other systems and processes them for other rules/automations outside of webCoRE. That's it. Button controller probably uses more hub resources on my hub now.


/* elf hands Ryan a Snickers bar :wink: */


Now that you've clarified it Bruce, no. But you missing the point. What you just said and what you said in the first post do not read the same to me. If they were intended to be thes same, then you should clarify the wording in your first post, IMHO. Obviously I don't have anything to worry about...now. But if you read your first post the way I did, you can see why i'd be upset. I made sure that webCoRE wouldn't cause a problem but I was still going to be punished? Obviously that wouldn't be fair and anyone would be pissed.


No, that doesn't look good at all. There are any number of issues which I could run into that would have absolutely no possibility of being affected by the fact that webCoRE is installed on my hub. But according to your post, support is going to ask me to remove it first anyway. Why? Just to be a jerk? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me that you would punish folks who aren't the ones causing the problem. If the problem could in any way be attributed to webCoRE, I agree with you 100%. But your post says if it is installed at all, the first thing support will ask me to do is uninstall webCoRE. I would think the first thing they would do is listen to my problem and decide if there was a snow-balls chance in hell that webCoRE was the problem. And if not, then they would proceed with helping me with my problem and NOT ask me to do a completely unnecessary and punitive action.


I love WC but for me it's a means to a end while I'm learning to used RM or the stock apps. Just got a update for dimmer 2 driver that allowed me to move a load too the button controller app and once the fibaro RGBW controller is supported I should be able to move almost all of them to RM. RM has improved massively since the 1st time I tried to use it, yes it has a few bugs to be ironed out and could be a little clearer to use, but in 2 months it come on leaps and bounds. So the more people use it and request for more features the better it will keep getting. So if anyone is hesitant, give it a go and your be surprised how good it is now :slight_smile:.

If I had a issue I wouldn't mine deleting it temporarily to prove the issue, it just makes sense to do if it's a known issue. At least HE has a backup, it much better than company's asking you to factory reset the device (which you know will fix the issue) when you know the bug is there right now to be found but they refuse to look untill you have factory reset :imp:


Come on Ryan, go to a Lexus dealer, buy a LS, then go to the corner sound center, install a $10,000 sound system.

Then go back to the dealer and claim that your beautiful LED headlights are darker when your bass kicks in.

Support, warranty, faith?


I couldn't agree more. I've gotten on board with RM. That is one of the primary reason I'm not having a problem with webCoRE. But there are functions that RM doesn't do. And what are we supposed to do? Suck it up and just say "oh well"? I don't think so. I'm sorry but I don't see the need to punish people who are trying to be conciencious about how they use webCoRE just because we use it. That's like saying since some people trip and fall and break their legs while talking on a cell phone, if you break your leg, the first thing we're going to do is take away your phone. There's no guarantee of causality there. And there isn't if your hub is having a problem either. I have reported a lot of issues in the past few weeks and none of them have anything to do with webCoRE.

@vjv that's not an accurate analogy. An accurate analogy would be, I go down the street and get new valve stem covers and come back and say, my car keeps stalling. That's an accurate analogy. In your analogy, I would expect to have the stereo (or webCoRE) as a possible cause of the problem and would 100% expect to have to remove webCoRE before getting help from support. I don't think you are really listening to what I'm saying or accurately reading what Bruce posted. Just because I have an issue and webCoRE is installed, should not mean that there is an automatic assumption that webCoRE is the problem.

For example, if my hub keeps rebooting. Obviously could be caused by webCoRE...remove it.

Another example: The new Dome Motion sensor I bought keeps pairing as a Dome Siren....not even remotely possible that it is caused by webCoRE. But according to this, I would be asked to remove webCoRE before Hubitat would help me.

Wouldn't you say that a reasonable expectation that webCoRE might be the cause of the problem would be a fairly easy thing to figure out rather quickly? And aren't Hubitat support professionals knowledgeable enough to make that kind of assessment with the speed at which I just did?

Again...a blanket policy does not harm the offenders only the innocent who did nothing wrong.
What if the fix that hubitat has to do precludes me from restoring the backup I made? Now I'm totally screwed because i have to put them all back in by hand. Even if webCoRE had nothing to do with the problem.


I bet if you go with the $10,000 sound to the dealer they will void your everything, lol


That's because it's an analogy...and a bad one. But don't listen to anything else that I said...focus on the truly unimportant stuff.

And may I ask....why isn't this policy applying to other custom code? I guarantee, more people have called in with problems relating to other custom code than I have with problems due to webCoRE (Since i have never had problems with webCoRE). But I'm going to be put through hell just cause I use that app? Give me an alternative that doesn't require me learning how to code in groovy and I'll gladly do it.


ahem Rule Machine cough


I agree, I was told i had issues with Rooms Manager. I was not told what the issue was, only to remove Rooms Manager. I did remove Rooms Manager, and the issues stopped, but I (and Bangali) have been unable to get any details as to what the error is/was.

If so, Hubitat better change their documentation. The data sheets say that we can load our own apps. That's not entirely true if app size is an issue, or certain apps cause hub locks.

Back on the topic of webcore, I know for one that when I had lockups, webcore was not installed on my hub. I do love Hubitat....and sold my SmartThings Hub yesterday on ebay (in Australia, where ST have not released, mine was imported).


Mixed feelings about this. I ran webCoRE for a long time on Hubitat without any problems. I eventually ported all my rules to RM and Simple Lighting, and have since removed webCoRE. I still like webCoRE a lot, but had concerns about it going forward since there isn't a solid maintainer for the project on Hubitat.

webCoRE probably needs a rewrite for Hubitat.


You can say that again. CoRE stands for "Community's Own Rule Engine", but that referred to the SmartThings Community, not the Hubitat Community. (Rule Machine is Hubitat's Own Rule Engine)

edit: aka HoRE