Just Bought A Combo LG Washer/Dryer

Its so shiny and futuristic looking but with a hint of retro with the door design I feel like. Looks pretty slick at least.

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I'd be happy if it was ugly and lasted a long time. :slight_smile:

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Sorry that model is no longer in production.

Now you get shiny, sleek, and wifi, but needs to be replaced every few years :rofl:
That being said my slightly older LG units I got used from in-laws are about 8 years old now and still going strong. They have a 10 year motor warranty, so give it until 10.01 yrs.

Just got my Samsung microwave fixed and reinstalled for the second time since buying all new kitchen appliances. I think it has been broken more than working since I took a year to fix it (myself). First repair was warranty. Second repair was extended warranty and was the magnetron so the shop cost was more than I paid for the microwave, so the warranty just paid out the purchase price. Bought the OEM part on Amazon (even has the Samsung label on it) for $50 and fixed it myself. I think the shop wanted close to $200 for that part + labor to install.


The best part is when they orphan the model.

I had to replace the same board two times in my Thermador built in oven.
First time, board was available, and I replaced it myself.
Second time, no longer available.
Had it rebuilt by a guy in Florida who specializes in this stuff.
Told me NEVER to run self-clean-heat is bad.

How about this on microwaves:
A while ago my above stove (actually cooktop) microwave crapped out.
It was 36" wide.
36" wide microwaves are no longer made!
I finally ordered a trim piece; should be here today.
Don't know why I waited so long.
I guess I'm not that picky and the microwave likely has to come out; ugh.

We had a broken microwave still above the oven for about 6 months (with blue tape on the door so guests would stop trying to use it). Had the old backup Panasonic counter unit on the counter on the other side of the sink. Then had no microwave above the oven for about another 6 months when I took it to the repair shop finally (just a hole with ugly drywal and a towel shoved in the vent). It sat in my garage for a few months after I got it back from the shop as well. Finally got it all fixed and put back together over the 4th holiday.

I wish I had a vent, lol.

I does not even work that great and leaks some cold air in the winter since it is just straight out the side of the house. So you are not missing much for an OTR microwave vented fan. When boiling water (noodles) it does help to draw some of the moisture out though and keeps the microwave door from fogging up as bad.

If you really want to suck it all out you need a dedicated range hood and the microwave to be located somewhere else.

I've heard that, in the Smart Range Hood post, lol.

Done at 12:24, so a little early.
Says 1.42 kWh.
I don't know if that's good or bad.
Top of unit got to 110 F.
I set cold tap for water, but I'm not sure if it used its auxiliary heater or not; not sure how that fits in with the plan.
It is nice to only load and unload once, and you're not moving heavy wet clothes.
Clothes were nice and warm.


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My daughter said the same thing. Clothes come out really warm, kind of "humid" feeling but that dissipates as they cool off. Unit looks good!

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I haven't done that much reading on it, and am curious about the aux heating element.
I set the water temp on cold, tap, but these machines might be too smart for their own good. :slight_smile:
I'm going to plug it into a ZEN15 and see what it says.

For anyone who reads this: What settings should I use? By time, say every 10 seconds? Change in watts? I'd like to graph it. But I don't want to run out of log space. Perhaps I could write the short intervals to a log file.

I'd also like to measure the 'effluent' temperature. Maybe a Fibaro Smart Implant. Are those 1 wire sensors usually waterproof? I have some.

edit: I see the ZEN15 only goes down to 1 power reading per minute.

You only need power updates if something changes, a reading of the same thing every 10 seconds is just noise. Use the watts threshold and you will get an instant report every time the watts used changes by X value that you set.

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I figured it'd make a better graph, lol.

Jeff, What power threshold would you suggest?
My primary goal is to see if the heating element turns on, but also to get a profile of its power draw.
I don't want to get a bunch of log entries every time it changes by 1 Watt.

Its different for any appliance, you could set it low like 10w or less and then run a cycle and see what readings you get then adjust it from there so it will trigger a report at the right time.

Like for something basic if when you turn it on and it is in a running state it draws around 50w, you might set the threshold to 40w. Then you will know when it turns on and when it turns off (plus extra reports sent at the min time interval). The total energy consumption is tracked on the device and reported in another metric (energy/kWh), so you do not need to track every little change unless you want to see a spiky chart for the fun of it.

I am guessing your combo unit might have a few different states of power draw so you will have to see what each state draws as a baseline and then set the threshold accordingly to prevent excessive reporting.

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It supposedly learns with "AI", so there's that too.
The LG app tells you how much total kWh it uses down to the cycle level.
After the next wash I'll need to wait to acquire more dirty laundry, lol.

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I get the same sensation.

Did 2nd wash today, monitored on ZEN15. Maybe 9 lb per b-room scale.

No evidence at all of heating element coming on.
Perhaps indeed it is only to boost hot water temp to the "extra hot" manual, and not like the guy in that video hinted, although it is summer here, warm temps good for heat pumping.

I bought that extended warranty because of video guy too. Hope he's wrong about that too. :slight_smile:

I don't think I'm gonna graph it. It approached 800 watts at one point, and high 700's at others, but for very brief periods.

kWh usage per ZEN15: 1.192
kWh usage per LH ThinQ app: 1.07

edit: The load indeed was smaller than the first, with ThinQ said took 1.42 kWh.

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Found the microwave install manual.
Two men required to install.
I'm not sure how I installed it years ago by myself; I think "cribbing" was involved.
I used "shims" made from a free item at the Home Depot paint desk.
It's not the end of the world if it falls down anyway.