Just Bought A Combo LG Washer/Dryer

Supposed to arrive next week. Halfway through the 72 page manual; yeah, like I'll use a tenth of its capabilities, lol.

As noted in the Homey thread, I guess I'll be getting familiar with LG's ThinQ app, since it has WiFi. Then again, maybe not. :slight_smile:

What I thought was interesting is that the width is the standard 27", but the depth is 33" plus another 4" required clearance. I think my old one was more or less a square 27".

This thing runs on 120 volts and has no exhaust to the exterior of the house.

Here's hoping it works okay, especially the drying.

It was an impulse buy at HD. Plus they had $250 off for the Fourth.

I just installed a ventless all in one unit in my daughter's RV. It works but the dry time was really long on things that retain a lot of moisture after the spin cycle. Maybe it's just the unit the bought......

Where does the moisture go that is extracts from the clothes? Unless it has some sort of condenser and then drains it out since there will be a pump/drain for the washer part of it? If that's how it works, that's a pretty cool idea. Still will possibly be dumping lots of heat into the house though.

It appears as though it condenses and drains out via the pump.

I have not delved into its theory of operation, yet (I suppose).
The manual mentioned a compressor in passing, so, heat pump?
You don't hear too much about heat pump water heaters lately, lol.
I believe, from not even doing one load yet, that key is to not overload it.


I would agree. One of the loads we tried was a blanket and that was a huge fail. After about 4 hours we pulled the blanket and hung it on the line. It was still very wet.

That particular load it pumped out close to 20 gallons of water total before we pulled the blanket. We were testing it on the lanai and it was draining into 5 gallon buckets. That's why I know how much water it pumped.

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I just pulled up the picture of the install and their unit is a GE. It is probably smaller than yours too as I was able to install it under the stairs in the RV.

Might need room to breathe.
Mine has lint filter on top.

It's actually pretty open under there, just trimmed out. I think that this filter is on the bottom right. There wasn't any openings on the top.

I haven't talked to her yet to see how well it's worked since installed in the 5th wheel. She hasn't complained so it's probably working ok. When I put the dishwasher in the RV she did let me know when there was a problem.

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Yeah, I had one when I moved out of home in 2006, obviously not a smart one based on our expectations, but yes, I believe it would use the same pump the washing machine side of it would use.

It was a good option for me to have both features in one appliance, though, on the whole I rarely used the drying option in the end, and when the appliance needed replacing ~6-8 years ago (I think), I ended up just buying a washing machine. But that's not slight on LG or the combo idea more generally, more on my own situation / needs. From what I see of people (in particular) in more compact living arrangements or want a more compact setup, the combo is still a good option.

That is my memory as well. If I did a relatively full washing cycle, in terms of the amount / weight of clothes, the drying cycle would want to handle less than a full wash load, so I would need to split it in two. That's also why they often market them as something like an 8kg / 4kg unit, i.e. an 8kg washer and 4kg dryer....

I'm hoping for the best. :laughing:

Edit: And hoping that someone picks up the old ones at the end of the driveway.

It's amazingly deep.
33" + 4" required clearance to wall = 37". That's deep.
As I said, spur of the moment.

Interesting video talking about it.

BETTER THAN GE? The LG All in One Washer Dryer Combo: Test, Teardown & Review (youtube.com)

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I'd look at the link, but alas, my ad blocker no longer works for YouTube.
edit: works when I search via duck duck go. Shhh. Don't tell yt/google.

Heat pump. Cutting edge. Yeah, not crazy about that.
Doubt it'll last 20 + years like my Frigidaires, with no service calls. And still working.
I'll probably see if I can still get that extended warranty he mentions like, 10 times, lol. Cutting edge, geesh.
Spur of the moment...
Still hoping for the best.

Seems like a hassle to have to in a split the load then do the other half separately. Might just as well use two machines. But I get the issue with space may be a consideration.

I talked with my daughter last night and she is extremely happy with the ventless combo unit. She keeps her loads reasonable in size and each load is only taking 2-3 hours, depending on soiling. She said that it's great to be able to do a load a day while camping with the toddlers.


If she's doing the toddlers' laundry and is happy, I'd say that is a ringing endorsement!

This one has a 5 ft3 drum, so filling it halfway is still a pretty good size load.

I bought an extended warranty; first one, maybe, ever.

And yes, the old units were picked up by someone yesterday afternoon. :slight_smile:

edited for missing capacity


Maiden voyage.
No leaks or excessive shaking, yet, lol.