Just an idea...maybe

Family holiday has me thinking...

When we are away from home, often we are focusing on other things. Sure push notifications are nice but they often get swiped away and forgotten or ignored completely if we are in the middle of other things.

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table after having started the washer, the dryer, and dishwasher. We are about to leave to go to my mother in law's for the day. While we are out these things will finish and be waiting for us when we get back.

What if there was an app (or rule?) to allow notifications to pile up while we are out. Kind of like a secretary. The boss is out of the office enjoying the time off uninterrupted and when he or she returns their secretary presents them with messages that need attending to.

I was thinking app over rule because then it allows for wider configuration.

Could you set the notifications to wait to send until you are present?

I like the idea.

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Or, similarly...

You arrive home, you open a door and a set time later, your TTS device of choice tells you what happened while you were gone.

Dang, I really wish I could code! This idea has me fired up!

Follow me almost does this now. Most of the code is in place. I'll add it to my to-do list. :wink:


I've taken a look at that before. I was having a fair amount of trouble sorting out how to execute it.

Could definitely be done with a rule, although using a purpose built app is always simpler (for the user). Not sure the app would allow for wider configuration, you could probably get any configuration you want with the rule, it would just take some time and effort.


@markbellkosel84 I have a similar issue to yours. I have some automations that use Alexa to announce things, like "the washer is done". The problem is, I sometimes miss these announcements. My solution was to write a notification driver that can display the last few announcements on a dashboard tile. I had to modify my automations to send notifications to the driver, but it only took a few minutes to do that. Here's a screenshot of the tile:

Now I can always go back and see if I missed anything.

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This is beautiful! Care to share?

Yes, I'll be happy to share. As they say, "the paint is barely dry", so it will probably be Monday before I can post something. I just wrote this driver over the weekend. I'm just writing up some usage instructions and then I will push the package to Github. I'll PM you when it's ready to go and you can try it out.

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That would be so amazing! THANK YOU!

Follow Me already does this, displays the last 10 announcements. :wink:

@bptworld Thanks, I'll give it a look.