iWatch and Hubitat

I'm pretty sure from searching this site that Hubitiat has no way to integrate into an iWatch and have a rule run from pressing a "complication" on the iWatch main screen.

Ex Smarthings user...now Homeseer...but looking for a tighter integration between vendors.

Currently, I have a shortcut built that will take me to Alexa voice control from a complication...but what I want is simply a button on the top screen of my iWatch I can touch, and it launches a rule/event/routine.

I think it can be done through homekit and hoobs.... Someone is doing something with an iwatch I remember reading here on community..

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Thanks for the link @jameslslate . That tutorial is a old at this point but I think the principles would still apply.

@ts1234 you'll need to make a shortcut that does what you want and then you can assign the shortcut as a complication on your watch.

I'll have to dig into this a bit since things like maker API are things I'm unaware of at this point. But THANKS...Knowing it can be done give me a starting point. I will admit I'm not looking forward to moving over something like 300 rules and almost 600 "devices."

Search for posts about Apple Watch. I use a dashboard and shortcut to control the devices. If you canโ€™t find anything, let me know and I will try to help.

I have a couple shortcuts on my iPhone and watch. I use @tonesto7 โ€™s Homebridge-V2 app for integrating devices. I use Homekit for my dashboard.