Ive found new devices

ive found additional devices that work on hubitat that arent lsited on the supported devices list how would i go about adding them there.

I believe that that list is maintained by Hubitat staff. So it's not editable by users. Perhaps list them here and tag BobbyD?

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The devices may not be added, unless the team was/is able to fully test them by observing the traffic to be sure the device was correctly initialized and meets Zigbee standards


Send the devices to the hubitat devs for testing. If they work as expected they will be added to the official list. The problem is that right now they are busy AF and it would probably be a long while to you got them back. Most of us have 50% or more things on hubitat that aren't in the official compatibility list. It's no big deal...

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@bobbyD someone said i should ask you about the devices so how would i go about adding the devices to the compatible devices list

As I said above, they won't be until they're tested by hubitat themselves.


As explained above, staff make the determination re: official compatibility, which typically (though perhaps not always) involves them physically testing the devices themselves.

Anyone can add to this list of compatible devices, though:


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