Issues with zigbee bulbs

Any clues on fixing a bricked hue hub? it's just gone after the "upgrade". 2 blue lights come on but the third blue light which means... something networkish... never comes back up. Factory reset did nothing.

How on Earth...... "issue with zigbee bulbs" turned to killing half world population. You guys are funny! Slow Monday I see.

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I use one in the bedroom. I have five separate lights in there. One face turns them all on via a flip or tap another does off; another controls both bed side lamps the same way, a third and fourth face does one or the other bedside lamp; the last one is for a closet and ceiling fan light. My wife actually uses it, took a few months for her to warm up to it but she likes it.
My second one I keep changing, right now I'm trying to get my Osram rgbw spots to do something fun. Those lights just don't want to do fun. Hmm typing this I just remembered the garden spot app, that did a good job with them. Tonight's project has been determined. Thanks for asking.

Thanks for answering, I thought the cube was a hub.

Np, I'm a Dad so I enjoy over explaining my interests to anyone who asks.

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Sorry to bother you again, how did you program the cube to turn on the lights? I setup a virtual cube to test but I can't see it in simple lighting or RM, I created custom commands in RM too, I wanted to test before I buy 2 of them. Thanks

It's a button controller. I use the 36 button configuration. This is the cheat sheet I use.

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Do you create something like this?

Thanks for answering.

Exactly like that. I make a new button app for each action, Flip, Tap, etc.

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Thanks, I appreciate your patience answering my questions.

I wish that rule machine allowed for grouped rules.
For the cube alone can be at least a total of 56 rules for a single device. Just to cover all functions.

Something like this would be great:

If button press than 1
If button held than 2

This would be a great opportunity for an app!

Personally I wouldn't use the 36 buttons for the Magic Cube, I have enough trouble with just doing the basic 7! I set them up in Button Controller and it was very easy. I'm not at home but as I recall, I only needed one Button Controller instance to handle all the buttons.

Will try that as soon i collect the cube from my parents house.

What I did just to play but ended up being very helpful, was to start out just having announcements done when I would do the various movements, like "Cube shaken", "Cube slid" etc. Then once you are sure all that is working OK, wire up to what you really want to happen.

I pretty much did the same thing. I also labeled the cube with pips like you find on dice. Those have now been replaced with pictures of various combinations of light and dark bulbs for the bedroom.

As for the complexity of 36 buttons, there's a lot of duplication. Flip to face-6, tap face-6, shake face-6 all do the same thing. Three buttons one function so six functions ads up fast.

Hello again, sorry to bother you, could you post a copy of the cube driver you are using on HE, the last update broke functionality and I reverted the hub back to 2.0.4 but I don't have a copy of the old working driver. Thanks.

I just updated mine too. Using the driver from this thread:
[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers

Is the cube working the rotate and tab? Mine doesn't work, but maybe it has a new fingerprint. Thanks

Edit, ok, I discovered I was doing the tap incorrectly, so the rotate is the only missing feature, does it works for you? Thanks

Rotate has only worked for me in the 7-button configuration. I've not tried it in a while.

Thank you, I tested with 7 button but is not working. I will keep testing it and posting in the aqara thread.

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