Issue with HSMstatus and rule machine?

I have an interesting issue that has I have just now noticed with rule machine and HSMstatus with version 2.2.6(134). Might be earlier, but definitely worked with 2.2.5.

Its a simple little rule to enable a notification on an inovelli dimmer switch to warn me when HSM is armed. Here is the rule.


What I have noticed is the following. The indication is getting set properly on the arming of HSM, but it is not getting cleared on the disarming of HSM. It looks to me according to the logs that the routine is only getting triggered on the arming, not the disarming. Here is a snippit from the logs where I first manually arm HSM, and then disarm it. you can clearly see that the rule is NOT getting called on the disarm.

Anyone have any ideas on what I could check?


Just a slight clarification. looking at the logs again, it seems that the rule is getting called (hsmStatus disarmed) , its just that the actions aren't running. Very strange.

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See: [ C7] Apps Not Running?

I believe we identified the root cause. There will be a hotfix. Please roll back to 133 if you run into the issue.

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