[ C7] Apps Not Running?

I my case, it seems to be related more to the triggering.

The rule fires in one case but not the other--even though the event is recognized both times.

I just had another set of rules fail.
I don't think I'm willing to go through this again.
Back to webCoRE much as I hate to.

Which hub/rule was it?

I have exactly the same issue. I just put up another post before I noticed yours here. Exact same situation

Just spotted this.
I've already re-written them (2 hrs I won't get back :slight_smile: ) in 4.1 so they no longer exist in 4.0.
All were timed rules.
Curtains closing.
Un-pausing various rules at specific times/conditions.
RM 4.0 mode manager rule not changing modes.

Before the last hotfix the rules were painfully slow to edit but worked. Latest update and some rules did not trigger.
I had rebooted the hub after the first rule failed to make sure all was OK. Looks like that didn't work.

Also, see: Issue with HSMstatus and rule machine?

so when you re-wrote the rule in 4.1, the problem went away?

I am having a very similar problem. I have a couple rules that have been working for > 1 year, no change to the rules.
I have global variables that get changed in one rule and these globals are then used as a trigger to another rule. What I noticed is that a change in the global variable no longer causes the other rule to trigger.
As a work around I added one of these to the bottom of the 1st rule and now the 2nd rule is triggering.

Run Actions: Bathroom Kids - Master Controller

I pretty convince there was a regression in one of the recent updates, I'm currently running:

I'm just hoping that the rules I've re-written in RM4.1 will work going forward.

Oh I so do not want do have to re-write those rules. I've got too many that are still 4.0 )-:


I believe we identified the root cause. There will be a hotfix. No rule rewrite is necessary. Please roll back to 133 if you run into the issue.


Thank you kind sir.. You are a gentleman and a scholar.. (-:

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W00t!! Thanks!!!

1 Like should take care of it, please give it a shot.


W00T! :dancer: :dancer:

The rule that wasn't firing on .134 now IS firing. And, Editing rules seems to be working in a timely manner!!! :slight_smile:



Finally, we got 2 out of 2 :slight_smile:


I'll also confirm.. .137 Fixed my issue as well

Thanks guys. I was doing my day job all day and knew something weird was going on. Just saw the hot fix about rules not firing. Hit the update button on both hubs before reading anything else.

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Working for me now since the update. Had the problem today thought I was going crazy. Hub is working perfect ... thank you


So did I, I was ready to roll back to 2.2.5 when I got the notification that .137 was out! Looking good so far.