Isn't it time that Hubitat get's The Verge and other blogs to understand they "Matter"?

Lots of bread crumbs in the last week about Matter from the tech blogs and Paul Hibbert. I really think Hubitat needs to get out in front of this and start talking publicly to get some more press time. SmartThings, Hue, and Apple seem to be the number one name drops out there.

As much as we all love Hubitat, the truth is that being a small player in the home automation sphere, they are better off waiting for:

  1. A genuine Matter standard to be worked out by the powers that be
  2. Matter devices to start appearing in the marketplace (or at least announced)

And then develop a Matter-compatible next-gen hub. Standing on the sidelines is better than putting your eggs in an imaginary basket.


Oh... Well if Paul likes it...

Insert eye roll.

(Sorry. That went helpful. I'll take my dislike for Paul's videos and go elsewhere now.)


I haven't used this term in a very long time... So far it's Vaporware. It's been talked and talked and talked about. Amazon, Apple, Google are dragging their heals and cannot come to a consensus on implementation because each major player wants you to play in their garden and not others. They have no interest in a standard that doesn't benefit them. If they could find a way to make a proprietary version of TCP/IP that would make them money, they would jump on it like flies on poop. I don't see this happening any time soon...


Let me join you. Let's find a dark and cool bar with a good selection of whiskies. Far away from the visual and auditory assault of of Hibbert's videos.


Paul doesn't like it, watch his YouTube from last week. Say's it will be more of the same of each platform only implementing features that benefit themselves. Ignore the "corporate greed".


Hard pass. :slight_smile:

I'll take your word for it though.

If that's his position, I'm impressed and think he is probably right on this one


:100: :+1:


I literally LOL when someone on Reddit Home Automation forum says something like "I am not buying any devices until Matter comes out".

For a while there I would post "You are going to be waiting many years to buy devices". And I would get downvoted to heck.

There is a certain brainwashing going on with Matter. People want to believe it is this magical new thing that is going to solve world hunger, climate change, and create world peace. I think it is just another thing that Google is going to have for a while, then drop it like a hot potato when they get bored with it. See


Wait until they buy matter devices, and only get base level functionality at the interoperability level and still need vendor proprietary apps and services for the cool features on the device that they really want..

Matter should be good for simple devices like contact sensors and motion sensors, but any device with any smarts will still have proprietary features.


I skimmed the article and it left me with the feeling that this is a tactic to maintain control. "Here, you can use all this new stuff! You just have to still do it with our rules"

That whole concept aims directly at the perceived future of smart homes: average person on the street. The brands mentioned in the article are all household names. Their platforms have a massive focus on user interface first. Their users largely aren't willing to write apps, drivers, spend hours of set up etc. They just want pretty things that work minutes after they open the box (this is admittedly anecdotal). Those brands are also ones that were not born of home automation.

I do love the idea of a more universal device standard. I just think it really has more of a place in the average non "techie" consumers world.

Edit: I will add that I think HE is doing an amazing job and being both (average consumer friendly and techie minded). I think it comes down target demographic for future sustainability of business. The big guys want that "we do it all" presences in people's lives. That works great for most people. However, those that want more in certain areas, go to more niche platforms.


Hubitat could be selling the moon, but we decided to focus on present instead. When Matter turns into matter, we will be sure to keep everyone updated.


I'll join you. That dude is beyond obnoxious.


I think there's Paul Hibbert and the real Paul. The character he created is obnoxious because it works. I don't know the man, but I suspect he spends a good deal of time doing research for each bit of content, then jumps into the obnoxious Paul to record the video.

That's not to say that obnoxious Paul isn't easy for him but it's my instinct that it isn't his 'round-the-house persona. :smiley:


I hope so. But if there’s another Paul, I wish that would be the version in public display.


For comparison purposes, the mass market uses home automation largely based on WiFI and Bluetooth and drinks wine poured from cardboard boxes into plastic cups.

Hubitat users are more refined. They are similar to those who drink vintage wine poured into crystal goblets. You do not have to follow the mass trends to be better.

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That character draws viewers, but 190,000 subscribers isn't enough and I also suspect he's looking for a way to grow. Brett's got 329K subscribers, Reed (Smart Home Solver) has 447k, so Paul's got room to grow.

Obnoxious Paul is a character that distinguishes him from the rest. Like a lot of content creators, if he knew exactly what would work, he'd do it... even if it meant introducing us to non-obnoxious Paul. :smiley:

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I really like Diy Smart Home Guy (John Stone).... Unfortunately he had to move from his current home and lost his entire original video recordings because he didn't back up. He's been out about a year and a half now. He was a huge Hubitat supporter too.

If you haven't seen him.... Hubitat EASY Home Automation - Without Rule Machine! (simplify your smart home) - YouTube

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I was wondering where he went. His stuff was solid.

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It sure does (and not in a good way). I think his lower numbers show it isn't working. But maybe that's just me.

In any case, I wish him no ill will. He may be a perfectly nice guy.