Is there a way to be notified if I loose power?

Just wondering. Ideally if power is ever lost, I would like to receive a text notification.

My router/modem is on a battery backup, so if power is lost, I still have internet. (for about an hour). Moving the hubitat to battery backup would be trivial.

I have several dimmer switches, which receive mains power. They are all on different circuits, so even one circuit tripping wouldn't effect multiple switches. Is it possible to set up an automation that says 'If switch 1, 2, and 3 go offline, send a text to . . . .

I figure this is likely the easiest way to handle such an automation.

My method is a simple contact switch that is triggered to open when we lose power. I am using a plug-in light/siren I found and wired the LED it has to the sensor... but I have seen others that are doing a similar thing but just with a USB plug.

I use a Sengled LED bulb in a always powered on socket for this purpose. Sengled bulbs will always turn on when the power is restored to emulate them being in a switched circuit. If I detect the bulb is on in Hubitat I can run my power restored routine. If the bulb goes offline I know the power has failed and I can send out notifications.

I have my router, switches, and Hubitat on a UPS and it will last over 1 hour in a full power outage.

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Definitely search the community because there are a few existing threads on this very topic:

I have a NAS where I detect if the connected UPS is on battery: