Is there a "Virtual" device to just collect / report "Status"?

I have several Water leak sensors and a Main Valve shutoff. I want to create a single device that I can put on a dashboard, that reports the status of the leak and valve in a simple OK or notOK state.

My thought was to create a rule that would control the virtual device based on the status of the sensors. To that end I would like some type of "status" virtual device. Are there options I've failed to see?


You could use a Virtual Omnisensor with its variable attribute and the setVariable() command, but the "extra" capabilities/attributes might get annoying in device selectors in apps. It might be cleaner to create a hub variable of type string, create a Variable connector from that, and then use the setVariable() command and variable attribute--or just manipulate the variable directly from Rule Machine (but you'll still need the connector to display something on Dashboard). Regardless of which option you choose, you could display the device on Dashboard using the "Attribute" template.

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Thank you. I've not been working that much with Hubitat, the info you've provided will keep me busy for now :slight_smile:

If you only want two states, ok and not ok, then perhaps a switch would be a better option, with some CSS in the dashboard to tinker with the way it is displayed? This way you will have states to reference in the formatting of the tile, such as adjusting the colour, etc.

Hubitat has made the code for the Virtual Omnisensor public so you can go in and delete all of the attributes/capabilities that you don't want and create your own version.

Edit: HubitatPublic/examples/drivers/virtualOmniSensor.groovy at master · hubitat/HubitatPublic · GitHub

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Is there a way to monitor the battery level on all devices that report battery level?

You may want to look at Device Watchdog

You can do this through Hubitat Safety Monitor.

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As soon as i posted i found that same app. configuring it as i type right now. Hopefully it works for what i want. I might just set it to tell me when x device haven't communicated with the hub for a certain amount of time and change the battery then.

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The activity type monitoring can depend on the frequency of the devices communicating with the HE hub. I use it, for devices such as lights and sensors, etc. But for some lights I also include a "test run" at about 2:30pm each afternoon, at least for some of my lesser used outdoor lights and one or two rooms. Otherwise if you only use devices, or they only report, infrequently, the reporting can be hard to configure. For many of the contact sensors I have (Samsung's), they also report temperature, so will report at least within a 24 hour window, so that is what I only set as the time period for inactivity.

I am using "Device Activity Check" and am very happy with it. In addition any sensor reporting "wet" will sent me a text message. So in theory I don't need a "water status" device.

However I would like to see an "all OK" on one of my dashboards. I understand the folks at Hubitat are busy but it seems to me such a basic dashboard tile could be used by a lot of folks.

What process is generating the "all ok"? There is a Variable String tile so if you have a way to designate the variable value as "all ok" using RM or something else, you can display that with the Variable String tile.


I have 4 water sensors and one main shutoff valve. It would be nice to have a single dashboard tile to show all are OK.

I'll look at the variable string tile. Thanks