Is the smartthings vison compatible?

Im considering making the switch from Smartthings over to Hubitat and i wondering if the Smartthings Vision Sensor is compatible and if you can still use the 'camera' with it?

It is not on the compatible device list, a seach here of the name ("SmartThings Vision") or model (GP-U999GTEEAAC in the US) turns up no results, so I'd guess "no." However, you can probably use something like HubConnect to share relevant capabilities (not sure what those are; video won't be part of this) from the device into Hubitat, at least as long as ST's "classic" Groovy IDE stays around.

It's basically a motion sensor that records. The motion features should still work thru hub connect. The most important feature is that it can distinguish between people and objects, including in automations / STHM.

I have connected two SmartThings Vision sensors via HubConnect but only detecting motion, ie not distinguishing between objects "such as a big moth" and people.

You may be able to use Node-red with Samsung Automation Studio to bring that device into hubitat. You could even write a virtual driver to load the state as to what kind of motion it is.

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Writing a driver is not so easy if you are not a programmer. The recommendation is good, but not everyone can do it.

Though I understand your comment it may not be as hard as you might think if you tried. Heck you could probably use the Arlo Virtual driver I created as a base with a few changes to make any simple driver you could need. Before that driver i had never created one either.

I guess the question is what would it need to be able to show if you did setup SAS with Smarthings, and what are the potential options it would show.

Is it simply motion and then a classification of what the motion is. Maybe I can put something together for what you need.

Incase you didn't find it the link for Samsung Automation Studio Thread is here

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