Is the smartthings vison compatible?

Im considering making the switch from Smartthings over to Hubitat and i wondering if the Smartthings Vision Sensor is compatible and if you can still use the 'camera' with it?

It is not on the compatible device list, a seach here of the name ("SmartThings Vision") or model (GP-U999GTEEAAC in the US) turns up no results, so I'd guess "no." However, you can probably use something like HubConnect to share relevant capabilities (not sure what those are; video won't be part of this) from the device into Hubitat, at least as long as ST's "classic" Groovy IDE stays around.

It's basically a motion sensor that records. The motion features should still work thru hub connect. The most important feature is that it can distinguish between people and objects, including in automations / STHM.

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