Is my lock or zwave network the issue

I have a the c-5 model and my garage door consistently is having connection issues and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot which is causing the issue. On the entry door, I have two z wave devices. My yale z wave lock and an aeotec recessed door sensor. More often then not, my devices are not sending or hubitat is not receiving the open door actions or door lock actions and I'm starting to wonder if my network is clogged or the yale lock sends so much traffic that the door sensor gets lost? When I look at device logs, the door open sensor isn't even registering a change from open to close or vice versa. What else can I look at to help troubleshoot this? It's driving me nuts to not reliably be able to tell the status of this door. Also, on my main floor, I have my hubitat in a wooden cabinet and 3 aeotec 7 repeaters. Zwave repair does not change anything either.

Is your lock paired with Hubitat as an S0 or an S2 (secure) device (per the device's Status page under 'Data')?

C-5 doesn't have S2.


I had a similar issue where several devices were giving me issues for weeks. I replaced a switch in the garage area to be an active repeater and still had no improvement. I had a lock that was burning through batteries like crazy and was constantly dropping off network. I replaced the lock last week with a Zigbee lock and now all my zwave issues are gone. So one noisey device was making my whole zwave unstable. I guess the point is Check your other devices to ensure they are not causing the issue

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This sounds like a weak mesh issues. I would think you move one of the repeaters next to the lock and another one near the hub.


I guess that's my ignorance here. How can I find which lock/device is the chatty one?

I have a repeater next to my front door and that hardly has issues.
The garage door is just around the corner and I put another repeater 8ft away in the office to see if that would help and I'm not seeing any change.

I'd rather not have to buy a c7 to get s2 if that would give more stability. Is it that major of a difference?

Also because I know the minute I buy one the c9 comes out...

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have you run Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details to see your signal strengths and route changes?

Won't work with a C5, that info is different between hubs.

Shouldn't need to do this. S2 isn't going to do anything for a weak mesh. S2 is just a more modern security method.

Thanks. Ive tried to look at the page but it doesn't give as much detail as I've seen in other screenshots from. C7 model.

I just didn't expect zwave to need more than 3 repeaters for a single floor. I can try different outlets for the repeaters or change the light switch next to the garage as zwave but I just don't know how to troubleshoot it.

I have other recessed door sensors too and have swapped them for a day and the behavior is still the same. They just never send open/close on this dang door.

Good to know. I thought I read that s0 is far more chatty than s2 and wasn't sure if that was the case.

I'd be happy to change the lock module to ZigBee but it's been sold out for months and nothing on ebay.

That depends on your house design. If you have any plaster in the house, likely chicken wire is behind it and that can cause a farraday cage effect. Older galvanized pipes can too. Less problematic in newer homes. That said though put one repeater next to the lock and one near your hub. Then do a z-wave repair to see if you can force route changes.

Home depot has zigbee locks

It's a 'newer' house, meaning built in 2000 with normal drywall and stuff. I added a zwave outlet at the top of the cabinet that the hub lives in. So just 4 feet away. The closest I can get a repeater to the lock is further from the hub, but only by 6 feet.
I've done the z wave repair. Does it take time for the zwave to then reconnect/settle or is this immediate to test?

Zwave locks require beaming. Have you checked your repeaters to make sure they do beaming?

I want to believe so, but I'll be honest. I'm struggling to find it in the product details.
The zwave outlet is this one:

The zwave repeater is this: Range Extender 7 – Aeotec

no sure i had similar issues had one of the jasco outlets literally 4 feet from lock.. had flakey operation. eventually changed the lock module in the kwikset lock to a zigbee module.

The lock is far more reliable in sending data back/forth to hubitat. It's just the door sensor that is unresponsive. Moving the door sensor closer to the hub works well.
So that is why I am making some assumption my lock is being too chatty and blocking out the door sensors ability to send a message over.
The other interesting piece is that I have 2 other doors with the exact same set up and there's no issues.
I guess I could exclude/reset the lock with the issue and re-include to see it's just a bad join to the network?

or take out baterries and see if sensor is more relisble