Is it worth upgrading from a C-7 to C8 Pro

Right on - that's where I am too (beta on both). Well heck, I'll give it another go after work.

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For me it was as boring and simple a migration as I've ever done.

I was expecting more issues, to be honest. Happy there weren't though.

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Appears then to an intermittent failure. We've had another user reporting failed Z-Wave restore on the C8-Pro, both of his hubs (C5 and C8-Pro) were on And Hydro w/both on beta.

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I'm the zwave whisperer... So it knew better than to mess with me.


so, on my current C8 is on beta AND has Protect on it, have not yet received my PRO yet (its not on beta obviously, and not on hub protect either ). Do I need to get the C8Pro on beta before I start a migration and do i need to get it on protect also? is there something I am missing or misunderstanding

I'd just wait for the (hopefully soon-to-be-released) firmware fix.

Hub Protect is not normally required to migrate to a newer hub.

It appears that having both hubs on the beta worked for @JasonJoel. I'm not sure if both his hubs were also on Hub Protect, he'll have to comment. Migration failed first time for @hydro311 w/both his hubs on the beta.

At one point there were comments that having both hubs on Hub Protect could make it work.

Agree that waiting is likely the best approach at this point. Fix coming soon. (And yes, I realize that's a triggering phrase. :wink: )

yes .. hub protect not on both and not very common to be on both if you are replacing as most will the c8.. then you transfer the hub protect.. so not reallly a solution...

Yes, make sure both your C8 and your new C8 Pro are both running the same version (at least currently in Beta.)

No, no need for Hub Protect on the new C8 Pro for it to complete the migration process from your C8.

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I only have 1 hub protect subscription.

  1. My C8 had hub protect.
  2. I did a manual cloud backup on the C8 (it was running beta firmware).
  3. Powered C8 down.
  4. Changed IP reservation in DHCP to new C8 Pro mac address
  5. Powered up C8 Pro
  6. Logged in
  7. Updated it to latest beta firmware
  8. Went back to the GetStarted page and restored from the latest C8 cloud backup.
  9. Ensured the radio restore check boxes were checked
  10. After I verified the C8 Pro was working, I transferred the Hub Protect subscription from my C8 to my C8 Pro.



Thanks...being a Z-Wave whisperer (and both hubs in the beta) clearly have benefits.

Hopefully we'll soon get to a place where we have 100% success on migrations.


Ha, yep, I was just trying a do-over on my migration and now zero cloud backups are available. So perhaps they are making headway on the backend for the solution - fingers crossed!

So many issues around the c8 hub. No thank you..

C8 is fine, but there are some issues w/the migrating from existing hubs to the C8-Pro that do need to be cleared up. If a friend were buying their first hub (doesn't need migration) the C8-Pro would be my first recommentation/choice for them. :slight_smile:


The Pro migration was not fun for me out at the tip of spear, but it appears they've got it fixed now for everyone.

Yet again here, I learned the hard way that life at the bleeding edge has risks :sweat_smile:

But my migration finally went smoothly last night, so I'm pretty sure I'm back in a good spot.

The only consistent issue for some folks unique to the C8 are zigbee related, but that seems like growing pains with the new Zigbee chip. Price of progress, I guess. Most of us have figured out a way to handle it via radio tweaks and/or zigbee device replacement.

But I can absolutely confirm that the Pro is significantly snappier & responsive -- that's a welcome win, and well worth it for me.

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I have 4 production hubs separated by radio/protocol and with the release of the C8 Pro I will be changing that. My C7 "coordinator" hub that is radio-less and runs most of my apps and rules was always struggling with memory and I would have to reboot it between 10-14 days. I just upgraded it to a C8 Pro last night and have to agree it is much snappier and responsive than the C7. Pico button presses and motion activated rules are much faster than before.

I will likely purchase another C-8 Pro and consolidate my 2 separate C7 Zigbee and Zwave radio hubs into one. These hubs don't run any apps or rules currently so radio only. Then there are my LAN apps on a different hub that seem to be totally happy on the C7.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the C-8 hub I purchased last year that I never setup. Opened box but I never powered it.

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Speed of rule activation is important from motion trigger to lights on. I’d love someone to do some actual before upgrade/after upgrade timings using the events to prove whether rules and actions are processed faster.

Something seeming faster/snappier could just be the placebo effect. The hub booting so much faster is irrelevant as I’d be hoping not do so too often (other than during update, the need to reboot is indicative of an issue)

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I have noted that every "little thing" about the UI seems faster - saving new Driver code, saving a Rule, etc.

Additionally, the time required for the nightly backup, which had been averaging 69 seconds from command to file save on the C-7, has been 30 and 34 seconds the first two nights with the C-8 Pro.


I have 4 hubs here. One hub, (C8) houses most of the z-wave and a large amount of ZigBee - 372 total devices - and WebCoRE with north of 75 pistons.

The difference in the C8 pro is HUGE for me. Not only does it reboot faster but the devices page loads much, much quicker and on and on.

I've only had it running for about 24 hours, and maybe I'm excited and hopeful about this hub, but my automations seem like they operate much snappier. I'll know more as time goes on, but I am very happy with the updates here. Also, as I look at my memory and CPU stats the numbers are extremely improved.